Are you at risk from drone criminals?

We hear that criminals are using drones in Ickenham to identify potential victims – nice cars, dodgy patio doors, unlocked sheds – all are well within the drone’s reach. And the larger the property, the more likely they are to be used.

If you hear an unusual buzzing, look for activity on the street or at the back of your property. Drone users are most likely to be in sight. If you see them, call 101.

While this seems to be new to Ickenham, it’s not new generally. The Telegraph ran a useful article on the subject last year.

4 thoughts on “Are you at risk from drone criminals?

  1. I don’t think that our imparting information makes the situation dangerous now. More a case of making you more aware and, sadly, more fearful. This is why contact with experts – this Friday at Ruislip police station, I believe – could be helpful to you.


  2. Hello Jacquey, Thank you for writing. I have disguised your address to side-step any unwanted attention. Drones aren’t going to enter your property and they are usually only used on large properties. Given the proximity of your neighbour, I suspect yours might not be of interest. I’m not sure what the other flying things are. You’re certainly wise to keep the window closed when you’re not in that part of the house. For professional advice, I would suggest contacting your local neighbourhood watch people (I should tell readers that you aren’t an Ickenham resident.) They have close links to the police. Alternatively, you might also want to make contact with your local residents’ association although I suspect they’d encourage you to talk with the neighbourhood watch people. Here’s a link


  3. I live at 6 ****** (address removed by admin’ for your security). On moving in my late husband and I spoke to owners of number 7 ******. They have a shed that is attached to our kitchen wall. We had water ingress at the point, and spoke to the owners and suggested they may need to move this and they absolutely refused.
    The most important problem is that their shed is actually attached to our kitchen wall, under our bedroom window and consequently we we have never been able to leave the window open as it would be simple for someone to place a ladder against the shed, climb up, pull the ladder up and then place it against our bedroom window, and enter the bedroom and help themselves to our possessions. Of course, there is the alternative as my husband has passed away, I am unable to have fresh air particularly in what is now occurring – a heat wave. I am aware that this particular window on number 7 wall does NOT have a building shed attached to it, and their bedroom window can remain open all the time because it is so high from the ground.
    With today’s latest alarming news about drones and other frightening objects. I will never be able to open my bedroom window at any time.
    Please may I have some help about what steps to take. I feel very fearful now.


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