Swakeleys Roundabout plans – your view please

HS2 and TfL have fielded their proposals for alterations to the Swakeley’s roundabout. LBH is running a consultation. It closes October 16.

Please visit https://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/article/34321/HS2-Signalisation-of-Swakeleys-roundabout-consultation to provide your own feedback.

Thank you.

One thought on “Swakeleys Roundabout plans – your view please

  1. The proposals to improve traffic flow at Swakeleys Roundabout do not take int account the severe congestion and already massive pollution on Swakeleys Road. /Harvil / BR South. We were told at drop in that these two roundabouts were not in their remit and they were not obliged to do anything with them!! They cannot cope with todays Rush (3) hour let alone when HS2 trucks try to use them. Its utter chaos with constant queues spewing out every kind of pollution with the terrible effects on our lives here. The Sw Rd / BRS roundabout is also very dangerous and an accident black spot waiting for a death(s) but no one listens or does anything The traffic light positions on Sw. Roundabout and the NON widening of carriageway is as useful as a chocolate fireguard. The east and west are still two lanes and MUST be 3 lanes but we were told the bridge is not strong enough!!! What!! So get the money from HS2. The current proposals will never work Maybe you should get some free ideas (not at drop ins where they make mental notes and do nothing) from informed educated locals who live directly on Sw Road. The trouble is it means doing something that will work. Thats just in a very small nutshell.


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