HS2 Compensation maps

In order to understand the prospects for compensation, assuming the present HS2 plan goes ahead, we reproduce HS2’s maps, legends and explanations here.

The maps are large, so we’ve added them as three separate downloadable .pdf files in order that you can check your own part of Ickenham without (too much) waiting. Here’s an overview map, with the links to the compensation detail maps below:

HS2MapBoundaries Lo-Quality

Maps - keys

Maps Keys 2

PC-01-013: Ruislip golf course, Northolt Tunnel portal, Ickenham Road and Herlwyn Avenue
PC-01-014: South Harefield and Ickenham (north)
PC-01-014-L1: Ickenham (south) including Hoylake Crescent and Swakeleys Road

The colour scheme of the maps looks like this (looks much better in the download):

Map Legend

And is explained by HS2 like this:

The rural support zone (RSZ) is the area within which the cash offer and voluntary purchase scheme apply. This is shown in orange on the maps.

The maps show a RSZ with a width of 120m either side of the centreline of the railway*. The RSZ does not apply where land is already included within safeguarding, or in tunnelled areas. It also only applies in largely rural areas.

The safeguarded area is shown as grey (surface) and sky-blue (sub-surface/tunnel), and is bounded by a red line.

The extended homeowner protection zone is shown in purple hatching. This zone is land that was within the surface safeguarded area until 26 June 2014, but no longer is. Owner-occupiers within this zone will retain the right to sell their property under express purchase until 25 June 2019.

The homeowner payment (HOP) zones are the areas within which homeowner payments apply. This is shown in pink, dark green and yellow on the maps.

The maps show homeowner payment zones stretching from 120 to 300m in rural areas, with bands at the 180m and 240m mark.

Maps relating to urban areas have been included in this set for completeness, even though the RSZ does not apply in these areas.

* This refers to the centreline of the rail corridor. It is actually calculated as 117.5m from the centreline of each of the up-line and the down-line, which are themselves typically 2.5m from the corridor centreline. Where the up-line and the down-line are closer or further apart than this, some minor variations may exist.

All of the information provided above comes from the Government’s HS2 property schemes maps and is reproduced under the Government’s Open Licence.)