Parking restrictions

This is a copy of a news update from 18 July 2016:

Nothing seems to raise blood pressure more than the issue of parking restrictions. Some people love them, some hate them. Some want one-hour restrictions while others want resident permits. Just like Brexit, this means that a proportion of people are going to be unhappy with whatever’s decided.

As the Ickenham Residents’ Association, we have to remain above the fray. We are here to represent all residents and cannot take up the cudgels on behalf of one group or another. We can, however, urge you to respond whenever the Council consults you. Your anonymity is preserved and you can check the outcomes when the statistics are published.

If you really think that the Council has acted undemocratically, you probably have time to protest. In my road (Pepys Close), the scheme wasn’t implemented until ten months after the stats were published.