Thames Water/Soldier’s Return

Thames Water update
We are working to divert our sewer to make way for the new HS2 railway. Following the London Borough of Hillingdon’s planning approval with planning conditions, we have received sign off of some of the conditions. This means we can plan to build the entrance point of the temporary haul road off High Road, Ickenham.

New road entrance
Subject to approval from the London Borough of Hillingdon, we will carry out work from Monday 13 December until Friday 24 December. This will be to construct a new road entrance off High Road, next to the entrance of The Soldiers Return.

The footpath will remain open for the duration of our works.

The High Road will remain open at all times, but we will need to close half of the northern lane. Traffic management will be in place to keep the traffic flowing.

Future work
We will not be working over the Christmas period and the site will close from 24 December until 4 January 2022.

When we restart our work, we will continue to construct the temporary road from the new access point to the Ickenham Green allotments.

More information:

Preparing the way for the HS2 tunnels

From HS2

Estimated Start Date – 25/10/2021
Estimated End Date – 17/12/2021
From 25 October 2021 to 17 December 2021:
• Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and 6pm to 4 am
• Two weekends during this period from Friday 6pm to Sunday 8pm
Exact dates will be confirmed via news alerts

What to expect
Excavation equipment and lorries
Additional staff on site outside core hours
Lighting will be required for the safety of the operatives

What we will do
Continue to monitor our work methods and minimise disruption
Instruct our staff to be mindful of our neighbours
Provide updates via news alerts

What we are doing
From 25 October 2021, we will start excavation works to prepare the base of the railway tunnels in the area shown on the map . We will be excavating the earth to prepare the area for the launch of the Tunnel Boring Machines and the creation of the portal area.  The earth excavated from this area will be stored temporarily at the golf course driving range. This stockpiled earth will then be used to landscape the area around the tunnels and the tunnel entrances once the construction works have been completed.

Excavation of area and placement on temporary storage area
• These works will take place in two shifts. This activity is needed to prepare the area for the concrete pours before the cold weather.

Continuous cement pour
• Two periods of fifty hours continuous pour of concrete is required to build two base slabs for the portal structure. The pour has to be continuous so that there is no loss to the structural integrity of the building.

Work mitigation

We will:
• Continue to monitor sound levels both inside and outside our site compound
• Carry out attended monitoring for the first two weeks to ensure noise and vibration levels are within our required limits
• Steel fixing works will only be done at the very bottom of the excavation at 11 meters below ground level
• Where possible, acoustic covers and blankets will be used
• Cutting and welding will only be carried out during the day (8am to 6pm)
• Dust mist cannons will surround the working areas
• Lighting will face away from residential properties.

We would like to apologise in advance for any disruption or inconvenience this may cause. Every effort is being taken to ensure that these works are carried out in the least impactful way. We will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our engagement team will be available to discuss these works with the local community in the following ways:

– A presentation will be available on the HS2 in Hillingdon website page
– Staff will be available at The Greenway near the U81 footpath on the 19th of October between 4pm and 6pm, and 21st of October between 1pm and 3pm

HS2 updates

1  National Grid works update: Harvil Road lane closure

National Grid on behalf of HS2 will be managing traffic with a lane closure and a traffic light management system on Harvil Road on Wednesday 29 September between 9.30am and 3:30pm. Access to residential properties or business premises will be maintained.

More info:

2  Update: Notice of lane closure at Harvil Road

What we are doing

We wrote to you in August to advise you that we would be carrying out utility connections until 30 September 2021. However, we will need additional time to complete these works which will be extended until the end of October 2021.

We will be carrying out utility surveys and utility connections along Harvil Road as part of the road realignment works. Temporary traffic management and lane closures will be required to ensure these works can be carried out safely.

We will work during off peak hours where possible to minimise disruption.

More info:

local works maps

HS2/Thames Water – High Road

HS2 Works Notification: Thames Water works in Hillingdon

We’re writing to let you know about some planned works that we will be carrying out in your area. 
From Monday 27 September, we will be carrying out trial holes off High Road – opposite the unused road next to the entrance of The Soldiers Return. Our work will take up to six days to complete.

The footpath will remain open for the duration of our works.

The road will remain open at all times, but we will need to close half of the northern lane. There will be traffic management in place to keep the traffic flowing.

Sewer Survey
We will be carrying out a CCTV survey of our survey on the private road of The Green on Tuesday 28 September. Our survey area is expected to cover the public green area opposite the houses.

Enabling work
We plan to start enabling works on Monday 4 October, subject to planning permission being granted by London Borough of Hillingdon with no planning conditions that would restrict such work commencing at that time

HS2 work maps

HS2 Works Notification: Weekly map updates for works in Hillingdon    

Please see below links for the weekly map updates: 

Main site activities in the Colne Valley Viaduct area –

Main site activities in the Harvil Road & Copthall area –

Main site activities in the Breakspear Road area –

Main site activities in the West Ruislip area –

Tunneling info’

From HS2:

We will be hosting two webinars as well as virtual one to one sessions on tunnelling in Hillingdon in September. The webinars will include information on the design of the tunnels, construction methods and operation of the HS2 railway. There will also be a live Q&A session at the end of each webinar.

Webinar – Wednesday 1 September:
One to one sessions – Thursday 2 September:
Webinar – Tuesday 14 September:
One to one sessions – Thursday 16 September:

HS2 work updates

From HS2:

Update: Weekend works at West Ruislip site entrance

What we are doing
We wrote to you July to advise you that weekend works would be taking place on the 7 and 8 August 2021. Due to issues with asphalt delivery, we will now be carrying out repair works to the existing access from the bell mouth junction off Ickenham High Road at the West Ruislip site entrance this weekend, 21 and 22 August.

If asphalt needs to be cut, this will be carried out on Friday 20 August, within normal working hours in order to minimise noise at the weekend.

Once the repairs have been undertaken, new asphalt will be laid, compacted and road markings will be reinstated.
Duration of works 21 and 22 August 2021
From 8am to 6 pm on both days

What to expect
Road planers, breakers, excavators and JCB vehicles will be used to remove the concrete and then asphalt delivery lorries and rollers to reinstate and compact the new road surface

What we will do
Sweep roads to remove any debris. Carry out noisy works outside of the weekend

More info:

Upcoming works at our site on Breakspear Road South

Duration of works From 30 August to December 2021
From 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays where required
We may be on site an hour before the start and/or the end of each shift

What to expect
Delivery and set up of equipment and plant such as cranes, piling rigs and stone column delivery vehicles

What we will do
Continue to monitor our working methods and minimise disruption to the local community
Advise our staff to be mindful of our neighbours

Upcoming works
Works are ongoing at our site to build the new bridge over Breakspear Road South and the River Pinn. From the 30 August 2021, we will be carrying out the following activities:
• Pile breakdown on both sides of the road
• Installation of stone column foundations for the embankments
• Removal of the current foot bridge over the River Pinn
• Installation of the temporary haul road over the River Pinn
• Completion of the temporary car park
• Installation of sheet piles either side of the road to support abutment work.
• Excavation of the foundations on the embankment which will be replaced with granular material to the bridge alignment
• Start of work to build the bridge abutments

We will continue to monitor noise, dust and vibration throughout our works and ensure that measures are in place to minimise disruption.

There is a separate notification for the diversion of the Celandine Way as it passes underneath our works.

Upcoming works
Activity Start date and Estimated end date:
Remove old U46 footbridge w/c 27 Sept – 15 Oct
Install haul road bridge w/c 04 Oct – 28 Nov
Car Park Works ongoing – 20 Sept
Pile breakdown (Breakspear Road South Underbridge) w/c 23 Aug (west abutment) – 15 Oct (east abutment)
Gatemead stone column foundation test area w/c 30 Aug – 19 Nov
Sheet piling for Breakspear Road South- East abutment w/c 13 Sept – 24 Sept
Raised embankments w/c 22 Nov – Mid 2022
Bridge abutments W/C 11Oct – 22 Nov
• Footbridge removal – existing U46 structure removed and River Pinn protected.
• Haul road – once River Pinn protected a temporary heavy-duty bridge constructed for lorry haul road.
• Car Park – relocation for staff vehicles that are currently on the HS2 route alignment.
• Pile breakdown – removal of excess concrete from the bored piles to the bridge abutments.
• Stone column – different form of foundation construction to the embankments.
• Sheet piling – Temporary steel sheet piling that will allow work to either side of the road on the abutments.
• Raised embankments – on the approaches to the bridges the route alignment will be built up with compacted granular material.
• Bridge abutments – abutments are part of the substructure on either side of the road that will provide support to the superstructure (deck) of the bridge

A bunch of HS2 updates

From HS2:

From Ickenham Residents.
1              From mid-August, we will be starting our preconstruction work, on the south side of the Ruislip Golf Course. This is part of our work to divert our sewer, to make way for the new HS2 line.
Thames Water update
From mid-August, we will be starting our preconstruction work, on the southside of the Ruislip Golf Course. This is part of our work to divert our sewer, to make way for the new HS2 line.
Our work will involve us putting up small fences to stop Great Crested Newts entering our planned worksite. Around this fence we will be putting up heras fencing. This worksite will be in place for up to two months. During this time, the newts inside the fencing area will be carefully removed and taken to the ponds on the golf course.
Our work will involve no tree or vegetation clearance and will have minimal impact to the area. A map of the area we will be working in, is shown on the next page.
Once this work has been completed, we will then start our main work to tunnel underground from Ickenham Green Allotments to the golf course.
We will be in touch again to provide regular updates on the works.
2          The road closure for the conveyor bridge installation over Newyears Green Lane was unable to go ahead as planned on the 2nd of August.
These works have now been rescheduled and will take place the week commencing the 9th of August 2021. On these dates works will take place between 8am to 6pm.
3          In a UK first, on-site 3D reinforced concrete printing is set to deliver environmental, cost and community benefits for Britain’s new high speed rail network.

The cutting-edge technology, called ‘Printfrastructure’, will be deployed by our London tunnels contractor SCS JV (Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture), in a move that represents a major step forward in construction technology.
Printing concrete with computer operated robots will enable SCS JV to make structures on site, instead of transporting them as pre-cast slabs by road before being assembled and lowered into place by large cranes.
As flexible mobile technology, 3D concrete printing enables the technique to be deployed in physically-restricted areas – avoiding the need to develop complicated and potentially expensive logistical plans.
Where our construction is happening besides a live railway, it also offers an opportunity to deliver works without disrupting the travelling public as a robot will print the reinforced concrete, enabling construction to continue and trains to run at the same time.
Previously work would have taken place overnight after trains have stopped running, potentially disturbing the local community, or would have required the suspension of services to ensure safe working.
Using a computer-controlled robot enables the reinforced concrete structures to be printed with a strengthening unique internal lattice structure, which not only significantly reduces the quantity of concrete required but also cuts waste.
But the breakthrough is underlined by technology developed by SCS JV’s Worcestershire-based partner, ChangeMaker 3D. Working with UK advanced materials specialist, Versarien, the high-tech compnay’s innovation takes the 3D concrete printing process and combines it with the strongest material ever tested: graphene.
Concrete with microscopic strands of graphene only several atoms thick running through it like stripes in a stick of rock replaces traditional steel to help drive improved site safety, greater construction flexibility, shorter build time and a smaller carbon footprint.
SCS JV estimates that the process it is developing with the Midlands firm could reduce the concrete used and contribute toward reducing carbon by up to 50 per cent.
By removing steel and simplifying the construction process, which will no longer require cranes and significantly fewer delivery trucks, the carbon reduction could be even greater. Proof of concept trials are due to begin in Spring 2022.

HS2 updates

From HS2:

We wrote to you in June to advise you that we would be starting the next phase of the bored piles installation at Breakspear Road South from 21 June to 31 July. However, we will require additional time to complete these works which will continue until 6 August 2021.

We will also be installing sheet piles within our site compound at the same time.