Harvil Road Closure from 13 Feb not 7th

(The signs on Swakeleys Rd and BRS show the start date as 7th Feb)

From HS2:

What we are doing
We need to construct a temporary highway to the side of the current Harvil Road to allow us to start work on realigning Harvil Road later this year, and begin to build two over bridges over the Chiltern and HS2 rail lines.

From 13 February we start work to construct the tie-ins to the current highway.

We will need to use construction vehicles in the highway, and to dig a trial hole. To do this safely we need to close the road fully.

How this work might affect you
Harvil Road will be fully closed 24 hours a day from 13 to 21 February inclusive. A diversion will be in place via Moorhall Road / A412 / A40 and will be clearly marked. Access to the Dogs Trust will be maintained throughout the works.

The working hours will run for 24 hours each day to reduce the closure of the road to one week.

What to expect
Harvil Road will be fully closed 24 hours a day We will use lights as needed and we will ensure that these will face the work areas only

What we will do
We will ensure that the diversion is clearly marked throughout. Access to the Dogs Trust will be maintained throughout the road closure. Access will be permitted to the residences north and south of the road closure

HS2 Harvil Road Update

HS2 Works Notification:

Update on preparation works for the soil treatment area at Harvil Road

We’re writing to let you know about some planned works that we will be carrying out in your area.

We wrote to you last year to let you know that we would be carrying out enabling works for the construction of the treatment area. As part of these works we will need to extend the security fence and hoarding line to the southern area to continue with the enabling works.

These works will cause no disruption to local residents.

HS2 works near ‘The Soldiers’ and tunnel portal

HS2 Works Notification: Thames Water works; Installing and monitoring reference studs on Herlwyn Avenue and Update on continuous concrete pour   We’re writing to let you know about some planned works that we will be carrying out in your area.    Thames Water Works:  We have received approval from London Borough of Hillingdon to discharge the pre-commencement planning conditions for the haul road. We will start to remove trees early February and will then set up the site offices and construct the bridge to cross the Ickenham stream.


Continuous concrete pour:  at West Ruislip We wrote you recently to let you know that there would be two separate occasions where fifty hours of continuous concrete pour was required, as part of the installation of the base of the railway tunnels. The first weekend for these works ( 21 to 23 January 2022) has now been rescheduled and will take place from 8am on Saturday 29 to 8pm on Sunday 30 January 2022 . We no longer need the Friday night on this occasion.

The second weekend of 11 to 13 of February 2022 will remain in place. We will notify you if this changes and we will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

HS2 survey may involve Aylsham Drive

Estimated Start Date


Estimated End Date


From HS2

We wrote to you in April 2021 to let you know that we would be carrying out sewer investigations near Blenheim Crescent. We need to re-visit this location to carry out additional works that will take place on 28 January 2022. The location of these works is shown on the map overleaf.

We will investigate the condition of the sewer system using a CCTV camera mounted on a small robot. Should we find a blockage, we may need to flush the drainage system using a high-pressure water jet to carry out the investigation.

It may not be possible to carry out the investigation in the works area shown on the map because of proximity to railway lines. As an alternative, we will be able to undertake the investigation via a manhole located nearby just off Aylsham Drive via the car park (see map). https://www.hs2.org.uk/work-items/notice-of-utility-surveys-near-blenheim-crescent-3/

How the surveys might affect you

You may see people working along the railway tracks. We may need to carry out the works via the manhole in the open space next to 259-329 Aylsham Drive. If this is the case, there will be operatives carrying out the survey at this location. Your utility services will not be affected.

Roadside works near Hillingdon Station (part 2)

A picture-only post today – the inert Web site link goes to LBH

Following the works before Christmas they are now doing the same northbound from the  bridge to Halford Rd – the cycle lane is not in use

Reference: FP011S000000003724
Status: Works In Progress
Works owner: LON, 01895 250111, Web Site
Start date: 06/12/2021
End date: 21/01/2022
Description: Kerb works and Footway resurfacing All works to be closed down by 22/12/21 for xmas shutdown to resume on 04/01/22

West Ruislip portal schedule update


Last October we notified you that we would be carrying out excavation works overnight at our West Ruislip site from 8 November to 17 December 2021.
However, we now need to continue with these works until 13 February 2022 to prepare the base of the railway tunnels.  
There will be two separate occasions where fifty hours of continuous cement pour is required. This will be used to build the two base slabs for the portal structure and has to be continuous so that there is no adverse effect on the structural integrity of the building.  One of these weekends will be in February.
We will be excavating to prepare the area for the launch of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) and the creation of the portal area.

The earth excavated from this area will be stored temporarily at the golf course driving range. This stockpiled earth will then be used to landscape the area around the tunnels and the tunnel entrances once the construction works have been completed. In the TBM storage area we will be building a tent to minimise noise from the initial welding works required for the construction of the cutter head.
There will be two separate occasions where fifty hours of continuous cement pour is required. This will be used to build the two base slabs for the portal structure and has to be continuous so that there is no adverse effect on the structural integrity of the building.

The area of activity is shown on the map https://www.hs2.org.uk/work-items/update-on-night-works-at-west-ruislip-2/

Work mitigation
We will:
• Continue to monitor sound levels both inside and outside our site compound
• Carry out attended monitoring for the first two weeks to ensure noise and vibration levels are within our required limits
• Carry out steel fixing works only at the very bottom of the excavation, 11 meters below ground level
• Use acoustic covers and blankets where possible
• Limit cutting and welding to daytime hours (8am to 6pm)
• Use dust mist cannons around the working areas
• Face lighting away from residential properties.

We would like to apologise in advance for the disruption or inconvenience this may cause. Every effort is being taken to ensure that these works are carried out in the least impactful way. We will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Upcoming HS2 works at West Ruislip

From HS2

HS2 Works Notification:  Update on night works at West Ruislip
We wrote to you in November last year, to let you know about night works taking place adjacent to the Golf Course at West Ruislip.

In order to continue these works, we need to undertake some additional activities within what is known as a Network Rail ‘Possession’ which means that we can undertake works when the trains are not using the Chiltern Line track. These are generally overnight.

Late on Saturday the 15th of January into the 16th of January we will be re-locating the hoarding line adjacent to the railway line, this will be done using hand tools predominantly and so is not expected to cause any inconvenience or disruption. There will be some vegetation clearance undertaken to facilitate this, which will be done as quietly as possible by hand.
Ickenham Road HS2 Utilities Works January 2022:
HS2 (through their contractors SCS) are undertaking a series of essential Utilities works in 2022 in advance of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) travelling from near West Ruislip Tube Station under the ground in a tunnel to Old Oak Common in Acton. Any present Utilities along the route (such as gas, electricity, water and sewerage pipes) have to either be diverted or be renewed or reinforced so that the vibration from the movement of the TBM travelling underneath them will not cause breakages and damage to the existing pipework.
In Ickenham Road these works have been split down into 7 Phases, with Phase 1 starting next Monday 10/01/22 where the central reservation on Ickenham Road outside of West Ruislip Tube Station will be removed. This is expected to take 2.5 weeks, and then the remaining Phases of works will follow on from each other consecutively.
The details of these 7 Phases of works are as follows:
Ickenham Road Utility Works (Utility diversion works including removal of the central reservation, excavation, installation and reinstatement of 12” Cadent gas main. Installation of Water valves and spiking of UKPN cable)

Phase 1 – 10/01/22 to 26/01/22 – Traffic Management (TM) = Narrow Lanes (removal of central reservation)

Phase 2 – 27/01/22 to 02/03/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 3 – 02/03/22 – 30/03/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossing

Phase 4 – 31/03/22 to 20/04/22 – TM = Narrow Lanes and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 5 – 21/04/22 to 25/05/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 6 – 26/05/22 to 29/06/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 7 – 30/06/22 to 05/08/22 – TM = Narrow Lanes and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings (reinstatement of central reservation)
HS2 has carried out community engagement activities with local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders such as TfL and local schools in the area to advise of these works. As there are no road or lane closures expected we do not foresee any delays to traffic movement in this area, and we have made it clear to HS2 that we expect Ickenham Road to remain open to 2-way traffic flow throughout the duration of these works, and access for pedestrians will also be maintained.
Please note that LB Hillingdon Officers have been extensively involved in meetings with HS2 and their contractors to streamline these works as much as is possible in order to get the best solution available for our residents and road users in this area, and we will be closely monitoring the works when they happen to ensure that HS2 and their contractors keep to the agreed schedule and to expedite the works if at all possible.

HS2 one-on-ones


We are holding virtual one to one sessions for you to learn more about HS2 works in Hillingdon and Northolt. HS2 and their contractors would like to invite you to book an appointment. The sessions are a chance to learn more about works in the Hillingdon and Northolt areas.

The 15-minute appointments are available on:
• Monday 10 January, from 4pm to 7pm When registering, please specify your area of interest and postcode.

Topics available include:
Works in your area
Highways and traffic
Noise and vibration
Utility works
Community engagement
Other (please let us know if you have other queries)

You can book a slot via the HS2 website, please click here:  
Further joining instructions will be sent to all registered attendees closer to the time.

Guidance for hospital visitors

Here is some information about visiting at Hillingdon and Mt Vernon Hospitals:

New visitor guidance for hospitals in NW London
Published on: 31st December 2021

From Friday 31 December, we have introduced new visiting restrictions in our hospitals due to the high number of Covid-19 infections in the community.

Please see guidance below across all hospitals in NW London and visit the relevant hospital website for further information.

To keep everyone safe, we can only permit visitors in exceptional circumstances, including:
– Visiting a child
– Visiting a patient at the end of their life
– As a birth partner
– As a carer

Before coming to visit a patient in hospital in exceptional circumstances, please contact the ward or unit to confirm you are able to visit. In areas or on wards where there have been several cases of Covid-19, greater restrictions may be in place.

We know how difficult it is to be separated from friends and family, and we will do everything we can to help you to stay in touch with loved ones (visit the hospital websit for more information). We are regularly reviewing our visiting policies and hope to be able to allow more visitors into hospital when it is safe to do so.

Every patient has different needs and we know there are occasions where we need to adapt our visiting policy. Please speak to your patients’ care team to discuss the best approach.

Carers are welcome to come to hospital to support patients’ health and social needs. A familiar carer or supporter is not considered a visitor. We can provide carers with a carers’ passport so that each patient’s main carer can be identified easily.

Accompanying someone to a hospital appointment or to A&E
Visitors are not currently permitted to come to outpatient appointments or A&E apart from in exceptional circumstances such as:
– where a patient has a regular carer who needs to come to hospital to support their health and social needs – particularly dementia, learning disabilities or autism
– children (anyone under 16) who need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Safety measures for visitors coming to hospital
If you are coming into hospital in exceptional circumstances, you must:
– wear a surgical face mask at all times. Masks are provided at the entrances to our hospitals
– use hand sanitiser or wash your hands as you enter the hospital and when entering or leaving wards,

Clinics and units
– maintain a safe distance from others
– follow any one-way route signs

These safety measures apply even if you have had the Covid-19 vaccinations and booster.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, you must not come to hospital

We advise all visitors to take a lateral flow test or PCR before coming into hospital and to only come in if the test is negative and you have no symptoms. You can order a free supply of lateral flow tests from the government website or call 119.

Help the council with its budget

Each year the council must consider and agree a balanced budget for its services and the amount of local council tax to be raised from residents and businesses, to help fund this budget.
In considering its options for 2022/23, the Council is keen to hear the views of residents and local businesses on its budget proposals.
For information about the Council’s Budget Proposals and to have your say about them, please click on the link below: