HS2 Petitioning

Petitioning background

In May 2014 the Ickenham Residents’ Association, the London Borough of Hillingdon, Breakspear School, Vyners School and Ickenham residents submitted petitions to request mitigation against  the impact of HS2 Ltd’s construction and operational plans. These plans are described in the HS2 Phase One Environmental Statement dated November 2013.
In Ickenham lead petititioners submitted petitions on behalf of their streets. Our petitions had 1,300 signatures. The schools represent almost 2,000 pupils and staff.  There are approx 11,500 residents in Ickenham and all will be blighted by the traffic congestion, noise, pollution and safety issues from  thousands of Heavy Goods Vehicles and 3 construction sites. The construction blight will last at least 10 years. When the trains are operational they will be passing through Ickenham every 2 minutes with the resultant noise blight and the Colne Valley will be blighted for ever.
All petitions are requesting that the ‘Northolt’ tunnel be extended beyond the Colne Valley to the M25 thereby removing the blight from many thousands of people. This request is supported by Nick Hurd and Boris Johnson.

Parliament has reconvened and we have been advised our dates to present to the HS2 Select Committee will be June 18, June 22 and June 23.

Thursday June 18 09.30 – 12.30
Ickenham Residents’ Association/West Ruislip/ Breakspear School

Monday June 23 09.30 – 17.00
Ickenham High Road + adjoining roads/ The Greenway/Milton Court/Hoylake Crescent + adjoining roads/ Swakeleys Road + adjoining roads/Brackenbury House

Tuesday June 30 09.30 – 12.00
Breakspear Road South / Harvil Road + adjoining roads/ Vyners School/ Warren Road

The London Borough of Hillingdon will be presenting Jun 15-17
Ruislip petitioners will be presenting June 23 and June 29
Our local councillors will be presenting June 30 and and Nick Hurd our MP on July 1

What can you do ?
If you signed a street petition and have personal concerns that you want to ensure are raised with the Select Committee please contact your lead petitioner (see below).
Write a letter of support  – describe how you think HS2 plans will impact you and give your support to the tunnel extension.  If you know people who live in other places who travel through Ickenham regularly,  they also will be blighted by the congestion – please get them to write a letter of support. Please send all letters to ickenhamresidents@hotmail.com

We have to meet with HS2 Ltd before we present to the Select Committee to discuss our petitions. These sessions will be held locally and you can support your lead petitioner by being with them at the meeting. This will take place on June 4.

We would very much appreciate a large turnout of people to support us in the House of Commons.

The hearings are open to the public; you only need to go there.
Metropolitan Line to Finchley Road; cross the platform to Jubilee Line to Westminster. The public  entrance is via St Stephens Gate. Allow 30 minutes for security and getting to Committee Room 5

Lead Petititoners and Contact details
(If there are no details for your street please send email to ickenhamresidents@hotmail.com and we will put you in touch with appropriate person)

Street Name Email (removed)
Ickenham Close
West Ruislip Court
Phil Taylor
The Greenway Jill Watson
Ickenham High Road
Parkfield Avenue
Brian Adams
Wallasey Crescent Kirsty Gibbs
Bushey Road
Bushey Close
Ray Snoddy
Rectory Way
Eleanor Grove
Boniface Rd
Charlton Close
The Mallows
Ashbury Drive
Broadacre Close
Sue Crane
Thornhill Road Ian Phillips
Three Oaks Close Matt Semple
Breakspear Road South Mary Cockerell
Copthall Road West Ian Mortimer
St Georges Drive Stuart Heather
Harvil Road
Highfield Drive
Shorediche Close
Brian Cable
Warren Road Debbie Marskell