Neighbourhood plan

Many communities are creating Neighbourhood Plans, to make public their wishes and aspirations for their towns, villages and hamlets.

Ickenham has a strong village identity and we believe that many residents would like to help preserve the elements that make it such a pleasant place to live.

This is not a role for the Ickenham Residents’ Association, however we believe it is right that we should ‘kick start’ such a development.

Accordingly, at the Christmas Festive Evening, we took a table in the Village Hall and canvassed the opinions of hundreds of residents. We asked them what they liked about Ickenham, what they disliked and what changes they would like to see. Eighty of them gave us contact details so that we could let them know the next steps. These would certainly involve the creation of a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

If you are interested in helping out – the Forum will require a number of volunteers – then please email us with your contact details. We’ll make sure you’re involved from the start.

Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you.