HS2 Ground Inspections begin

We’ve received a letter from HS2’s engagement team about ground inspections due to start next week. If you need to engage, details are at the foot of the email:

Dear all,

Please note that the Ground Investigation (GI) works that were discussed at the HS2 information event on Thursday 13 October are due to commence next week. As a result of the GI, you may notice the following:

•        Background noise from the drilling of boreholes or digging of the trial pits and use of water pumps.
•        Hoarding around ground investigation sites.
•        Contractor vehicle movements to and from the sites.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards



Matthew Edgar | Engagement Manager | HS2 Ltd
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High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, 5th Floor, Sanctuary Buildings, 20 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT  | www.gov.uk/hs2

New emissions proposals: Have your say

Transport for London and the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is seeking views on proposals to introduce a new £10 daily Emission Surcharge (also known as the “T-charge”) in 2017. This would be for cars, vans, minibus and heavy vehicles registered in 2005 and older. This would be in addition to the Congestion Charge.

They would also like your views on changes to the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), a separate scheme that will replace the Emissions Surcharge and will have stricter emissions standards for vehicles. These changes include:

•    Introducing a central London ULEZ in 2019 rather than 2020
•    Extending the zone up to the North and South Circular in 2019 or later
•    Extending the zone London-wide for heavy vehicles only in 2019 or later

The main link is here: tfl.gov.uk/airquality-consultation

If you want to go straight to the survey, click here.

The consultation ends on Sunday 18 December.

HS2 village events – latest

HS2 Ltd has announced that it will be holding Information Events between 3 pm and 9 pm in St Giles Church Hall, Ickenham on October 13 and Ickenham Village Hall on November 3. They wish to present their conclusions resulting from the Hillingdon Traffic Study carried out with Transport for London (TfL) and London Borough of Hillingdon.

What is HS2 Ltd proposing? …

HS2 believes it can reduce the maximum daily peak of HGV vehicles to 550 and with signalisation on Swakeleys roundabout this, in their opinion, will be manageable. HS2 also believes, subject to certain conditions, that it can reduce the amount of spoil to be dumped on the fields between Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South by re-using the spoil in the building of the new Harvil Road bridge and Uxbridge golf course. It will also re-use spoil from the West Ruislip tunnel portal on Ruislip golf course.

These efforts were as a result of the petitioning last year by Ickenham residents to the House of Commons Select Committee and political pressure from our council leader and local MPs.

What do we believe? …

We, of course, welcome any improvements in mitigation but do not share their optimism that our local roads can support HS2’s construction activities. Its plans still require over 100,000 HGV vehicle movements on roads which today cannot support the daily commuter traffic and already suffer high levels of air pollution. In addition to the construction sites in Harvil Road, Breakspear Road South and Ickenham High Road (West Ruislip) – which in themselves will cause traffic congestion – there will be significant utility works in West End Road Ruislip, construction sites in Harefield and West Hyde.  We know, from the National Grid utility works in Breakspear Road South in July/August this year, that any work by any party can cause horrendous congestion.

Our position remains that no HGV vehicles should be allowed on our suburban roads, through our shopping centre, along commuter, bus and school routes and known accident black spots. The traffic modelling upon which HS2 Ltd is basing its conclusions has not yet been agreed with TfL, LBH and our Residents Association and is unlikely to conclude until next year. The traffic numbers could change. It was our opinion that, until there was more substantive evidence, these conclusions were premature and should not be presented to the residents.

We are also disappointed that HS2 Ltd still wants to build and run concrete factories on the Green Belt by Harvil Road. We do not believe this is environmentally sound – the risks of environmental pollution are too great. We believe best practice would be to bring in the finished concrete tunnel supports from existing factories which have been proven to be environmentally safe.  HS2 Ltd has agreed that this alternative would not create additional traffic.

The Ickenham Residents Association will have a stand in the HS2 Information Event and we thank HS2 Ltd for this opportunity. Please come and meet us.

Two chances to tackle HS2

HS2 is holding two ‘information-sharing events’ for Ickenham residents in October and November.

Here’s a summary:

HS2 has been trying to identify ways of reducing HGV traffic movements in the West Ruislip and Ickenham area, in particular, the peak two-way HGV movements from 1060 to a maximum of 550 per day at Swakeleys Roundabout.

Its report sets out its proposals, plus ways to significantly reduce sustainable placement of surplus excavated materials on land between Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South.

If you want to preview what it will be presenting, the summary report is at:  www.gov.uk/government/publications/hillingdon-traffic-study-summary-report

The invites are very similar, click on one to download it:

13th October 3-9pm St Giles

3rd November 3-9pm Village Hall