Reduction of speed limits in north of LBH

The London Borough of Hillingdon has received numerous complaints and petitions in the past from residents in the north of the borough concerning speeding vehicles and requesting reductions in the speed limits to improve road safety.

Based on evidence from vehicle speed data, traffic collision data and various petitions and complaints received by the Council, it was proposed that the speed limits must be reduced along with other measures such as installing Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) in order to improve road safety on 12 roads in the north of the borough.

Following support from the Ward Councillors and from the Cabinet Member for Public Safety and Transport, London Borough of Hillingdon have received funding for these speed limit reductions to be paid for in full from the HS2 Road Safety Fund.

Some of these roads are on the approved HS2 Lorry Routes (Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South), while the other roads are indirectly affected by HS2 Works in the area, and the impact on the road network this causes.

The reduction of speed limits on these roads will provide a lasting legacy for road safety in the area as a direct consequence of the HS2 funding which the Council has secured.

The changes to the speed limits will be visible on the roads listed below, with new signage, new road markings, and where required, new Vehicle Activated Signs installed. The necessary legal orders are in place, and the works have been programmed for completion by the end of May 2022:

o Breakspear Road North
o Breakspear Road South
o Church Hill
o Ducks Hill Road
o Fine Bush Lane
o Harvil Road
o Moorhall Road
o Newyears Green Lane
o Northwood Road
o Park Lane
o Rickmansworth Road
o Shrubs Road

Here is the official document:

10-12 May – night flights at Northolt

Commencing on the evening of 10 May 22, a single DA42 aircraft will be conducting calibration checks of RAF Northolt’s Instrument Landing System and Precision Approach Radar system. These checks will take place overnight between the hours of 2300 (Local) and up to 0200 (Local) each evening until 12 May 22 inclusive. These checks are essential to ensure the safe operation of aircraft at RAF Northolt and must be conducted overnight due to airspace constraints owing to Northolt’s close proximity to London Heathrow.

Type: Twin Propeller Aircraft

“Hillingdon Hoard” webinar

Archaeologists working in Hillingdon on the HS2 project have uncovered a fascinating rare set of Iron Age potins, an early version of the coin, dating back to the 1st century BC. 

If you would like to find out more about this discovery, a free webinar on 19 July will explain all. You can register for it here:

Paper Winter Newsletter Available

If you know Ickenham villagers without internet access, they might be interested to hear that a small number of printed copies will be available in the village from Monday as follows:
Maison du Soleil
St Giles Porch
Ickenham Library, and
Dalton’s egg van next Sat 12th

We are hopeful that by the time the next newsletter (due March 2020) is ready we will all be in a position to deliver it to our members.

Winter Newsletter Available Online

You’ll find the Winter 2020 issue in the website archive.

(Normally, we add newsletters to the archive as soon as the next one hits the streets. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the street-hitting still hasn’t started up.)

If you are not a member of the Residents’ Association, for a £2 per annum subscription, you can normally get the newsletters hot off the press. For no extra, and at your choice, the Association will keep you updated with more immediate news by email. If you are a member and don’t get the emails, drop a line to

New secondary school on Ruislip Golf Course to be considered

On Thursday 12 November Hillingdon Council Cabinet will consider a proposed agreement to lease part of Ruislip Golf Course for the site of a new secondary school. 

The land in question is east of Clacks Lane in Ruislip (image from Google Street View)

Although outside the Ickenham boundary, the site is approximately 1km from the village pump. For comparison, Douay Martyrs is approximately 600m from the pump, Vyners School is approximately 1.4km and Ruislip High, the closest secondary school outside Ickenham,  is 2.2km.  

Some key quotes from the Cabinet meeting paper on the matter are set out below:  

 “In August 2020, DfE decided to formally to progress the bid from Veritas Academy Trust for a new school called Bishop Arden north of the A40” and that “the Bishop Arden bid in 2016 was strongly supported by parents in the north of the borough since it would provide another outstanding school open to pupils of all faiths and none, living in the local area.” 

“For the past few years, to meet the increasing demand of larger numbers coming up from the primary sector each year, the secondary intake has required additional temporary ‘bulge’ places to be agreed in up to five schools each year to meet the statutory duty to give residents an offer of a school place. In 2020 this was 145 places and is projected to rise each year up to 2024 and then remain high and plateau. However, the Local Authority cannot force academies to expand. Up to now, these have used existing accommodation on the school sites. Most of the 18 secondary school sites across the borough are now full, with no options for further expansions, and most are on playing fields, green belt and/or metropolitan open land which create serious planning constraints.” 

“Ruislip Golf Course is the only possible site officers have identified where a desktop analysis has not identified any significant planning constraints. In this regard the site might still attract resident opposition, but it would be a matter for the Council as a planning authority to determine any planning application on its merits. The land is flat, has an obvious existing vehicular access point (where Hill Lane intersects with the Ickenham Road), is a highly sustainable location close to the underground station and bus routes, is not defined as high quality agricultural land, it is not contaminated land and is large enough to accommodate a secondary school without the necessary new buildings needing to be too close to neighbouring residential property.” 

“HS2 Ltd does not object to the Council developing alternative land uses on the academy part of the golf course and…it would still develop the remaining part of the land as a 9 hole golf course”.

The Cabinet meeting paper and a map of the proposal are online here:

Hillingdon Cabinet meetings are broadcast live on the Council’s YouTube channel: 

Find out more about your Elected Representatives and how to contact them here: