Responses to environmental statement

Responses to HS2’s Nov 13 Phase 1 Environmental Statement (pdf)

The HS2 Phase 1 Environmental Statement consultation has finished. We understand that there have been 22,000 responses* but disappointingly the Independent Assessors analysis of the consultation responses does not represent the the issues that were reported and is not adequate to enable MP’s to scrutinise and debate the second reading of the bill.

*Ruislip, Ickenham and Harefield represented 25% of the UK responses

Hybrid Bills: What are they? (pdf)

The Ickenham landscapes HS2 intends to destroy forever (pdf)

Petitioning: What is this ?

The Association found significant issues in the HS2 Phase One Environmental Statement documents which will severely affect residents’ quality of life and the landscapes of Ickenham both during construction and when the trains are operational. These issues have not been discussed at HS2 Community Forums or appeared in the May 13 Draft Environmental Statement.

The London Borough of Hillingdon has created a comprehensive response (pdf)

The Ickenham Residents’ Association response (pdf)

Nick Hurd’s response (pdf)

Woodland Trust response (pdf)


Here are some of the ‘lowlights’ of the Environment Statement

(Traffic & Transport) Para 12.4.21 … Construction of the Proposed Scheme is forecast to result in increases in daily traffic flow (HGV or all traffic) causing a significant increase in traffic related locations  – major adverse effect(HGV)

  • B467 Swakeleys Road
  • Ickenham Road
  • Breakspear Road South
  • Harvil Road
  • Swakeleys Roundabout (A40 junction) –
  • Ladygate Lane
  • A40 eastbound off-slip to Swakeleys Roundabout
  • A40 westbound on-slip from Swakeleys  Roundabout

(Landscape & Visual Assessment) Para 9.1.3 … sustainable placement of surplus excavated materials in areas approximately 3m high at three sites in this area, two located between Breakspear Road South and Harvil Road on either side of the existing high pressure gas main and the third on land to the north of Newyears Green Lane and south of Bayhurst Wood. These areas will introduce significant permanent changes to the landscape character and visual quality of the area.

(Sound, Noise and Vibration)

Para 11.3.15 … Significant effect from construction noise – daytime Breakspear Road South, Cottesmore House, Perkin Gardens daytime and evening The Greenway

Para 11.4.19 … The changes in noise levels are likely to adversely affect the acoustic character of the area such that there is a perceived change in the quality of life. Approximately 200 dwellings and associated shared community open areas in the vicinity of the Greenway, Hoylake Crescent, Pynchester Close, Bushey Road and Copthall Road West

(Traffic & Transport) Para 12.4.10 Table 20 Typical Daily Movements (Maximum)

Compound Duration Cars/LGVs HGV
Harvil Road 10 years 102-136 1020-1360
West Ruislip 7 years 22-30 225-300
Breakspear Rd South 18 months 15-20 150-200

(Water Resources) Para 13.4.36 … The Proposed Scheme could give rise to a significant adverse effect on water supplies that depend on the groundwater.

(Air Quality) 

Para 4.4.11 … NO2 impacts during the construction phase are predicted to be substantial adverse at receptors on:

  • Swakeleys Road, between the A40 Western Avenue and Breakspear Road (multiple receptors);
  • Warren Road, close to the junction with Swakeleys Road;
  • Roker Park Avenue, close to the junction with Swakeleys Road; and
  • Shorediche Close, at the façade closest to Swakeleys Road.

(NO2 is nitrous oxide)

Para 2.3.41 … Harvil Road Site Temporary factory for producing precast concrete tunnel linings

Para 6.4.20 … A range of archaeological assets will be permanently lost due to the construction of the Proposed Scheme


Traffic & Transport Assessment

The Association believes that HS2’s traffic modelling is both inadequate and inaccurate. The traffic congestion will be even worse than HS2 predicts. The assessments are based on flawed and/or outdated information and do not include any committed development or current planning applications, such as the Master Brewer proposals from Tesco or Morrison’s, Glebe School  or the development at Ickenham Park and are understated. The journey times observed are up to 10 times longer than those used by HS2 to model the impact during the construction period. This is acknowledged in Section 4.7.34 of Volume 5 – Technical Appendices Transport Assessment – Traffic and transport.

The Air Quality issues created by the HGV congestion give great cause for concern to the health of residents and children particularly as some routes are Travel to School routes.

  • 15,043,600 kgs of CO2 generated every year – In the Ickenham and West Ruislip area
  • 77 kgs of NO2 emissions generated every year – In the Ickenham and West Ruislip area
  • 775 kgs of Diesel particulates generated every year – In the Ickenham and West Ruislip area

Section 12.4.13 of Volume 2 CFA 6 states that “Access to the compounds … are expected to need to be signalised”.  The introduction of these additional signalised junctions on this route has not been modelled and again makes the figures presented incorrect.


A more detailed assessment can be found in the Association’s response to the Environment Statement (mentioned above)

Excellent non partisan analysis (pdf) from Centre for Cities.

 What are the Capacity Issues? Read our analysis (pdf), sent to Nick Hurd

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