Hillingdon hospital rebuild roadshow

Please come and meet us in person    
January 2022
With all COVID-19 restrictions lifted, we are pleased to announce that we are holding in person events about the new Hillingdon Hospital.

Details of the first three are available below:

The Beck Theatre, Hayes: Friday 18th March – 1.30pm – 3.30pm 

Fassnidge Hall, Uxbridge: Thursday 24th March – 1.30pm-3.30pm 

St Mary’s Church Harmondsworth: Thursday 31st March – 2.30pm – 4.30pm 
There’s no need to book. Please come along, look at the plans and members of the redevelopment team will be on hand to answer questions and listen to your feedback.
Give us your views
We’re really excited about our plans for a new Hillingdon Hospital and always want to hear what you think.

You don’t have to come to our meetings to give us your views.

In just ten minutes, you can take our survey and tell us what you think from home.

If you would prefer to fill in the survey in an alternative format then please email us at:


Please do share the survey through your networks.
A new Hillingdon Hospital
Key facts about the new Hillingdon Hospital plans
Thank you for coming to our online roadshows

Thank you to everyone who came to our online roadshows.

If you want to catch up with the events, visit our youtube channel or click on a date below: 18 January 3 February 17 February We’ve also got a range of clips from the events – click on the video above to hear more.

Guidance for hospital visitors

Here is some information about visiting at Hillingdon and Mt Vernon Hospitals:

New visitor guidance for hospitals in NW London
Published on: 31st December 2021

From Friday 31 December, we have introduced new visiting restrictions in our hospitals due to the high number of Covid-19 infections in the community.

Please see guidance below across all hospitals in NW London and visit the relevant hospital website for further information.

To keep everyone safe, we can only permit visitors in exceptional circumstances, including:
– Visiting a child
– Visiting a patient at the end of their life
– As a birth partner
– As a carer

Before coming to visit a patient in hospital in exceptional circumstances, please contact the ward or unit to confirm you are able to visit. In areas or on wards where there have been several cases of Covid-19, greater restrictions may be in place.

We know how difficult it is to be separated from friends and family, and we will do everything we can to help you to stay in touch with loved ones (visit the hospital websit for more information). We are regularly reviewing our visiting policies and hope to be able to allow more visitors into hospital when it is safe to do so.

Every patient has different needs and we know there are occasions where we need to adapt our visiting policy. Please speak to your patients’ care team to discuss the best approach.

Carers are welcome to come to hospital to support patients’ health and social needs. A familiar carer or supporter is not considered a visitor. We can provide carers with a carers’ passport so that each patient’s main carer can be identified easily.

Accompanying someone to a hospital appointment or to A&E
Visitors are not currently permitted to come to outpatient appointments or A&E apart from in exceptional circumstances such as:
– where a patient has a regular carer who needs to come to hospital to support their health and social needs – particularly dementia, learning disabilities or autism
– children (anyone under 16) who need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Safety measures for visitors coming to hospital
If you are coming into hospital in exceptional circumstances, you must:
– wear a surgical face mask at all times. Masks are provided at the entrances to our hospitals
– use hand sanitiser or wash your hands as you enter the hospital and when entering or leaving wards,

Clinics and units
– maintain a safe distance from others
– follow any one-way route signs

These safety measures apply even if you have had the Covid-19 vaccinations and booster.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, you must not come to hospital

We advise all visitors to take a lateral flow test or PCR before coming into hospital and to only come in if the test is negative and you have no symptoms. You can order a free supply of lateral flow tests from the government website or call 119.

Hillingdon hospital rebuild roadshow

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is taking its plans to build a new hospital for Hillingdon to you, with a series of virtual events.

We want to hear from you and get your feedback to help shape the plans ahead of submitting a planning application in April 2022.

Read on below for more details on when the events are being held and how to book yourself on.


Or, you can visit our website. https://thh.nhs.uk/redevelopment/

When are these events being held?

We’ve got three dates booked in so far. Details of each – including a link to book – are included below:

Tuesday 18 January 2022, from 6pm to 7pm

Thursday 3 February 2022, from 6pm to 7pm

Thursday 17 February 2022, from 6pm to 7pm

Click here to book your place


Proposed changes to Vyners admissions policy

You may well already be aware of the proposed changes to Vyners School admissions policy for year 7 admissions in 2021. If not they can be found at

These will give precedence to those pupils attending Ryefield school who live within 2km of Vyners over local children who live nearest to the school.

We were not informed directly of these proposed changes;  we were informed by concerned parents as were those residents in roads closest to the school. This despite the following statement on the school website that

Vyners School’s Governing Body has supported the changes to the admissions criteria subject to consultation with stakeholders.

The consultation is for the attention of:

    • parents of children in the locality of Vyners School between the ages of two and eighteen;
    • other persons in the area who in the opinion of the admission authority have an interest in the proposed arrangements;
    • all other admission authorities within the local area;
    • the local authority;
    • any adjoining neighbouring local authorities.

Our schools representative has endeavoured to arrange a meeting with the head but has been informed that no meetings will take place till after the consultation finishes on 24th January.

We therefore feel, as an Association eligible under bullet point 2 above, that this consultation has not been properly undertaken.

We are very concerned about the impact this will have not only on those children who attend Breakspear,, Glebe and Hermitage (the 3 nearest schools) but also on the village community in the potential for increased traffic and pollution among other issues.

In addition to our concerns about the detrimental impact of the proposal on local people, following a detailed review of the national admissions code, the schools adjudicator annual reports and several adjudicator judgements, we believe that the Trust’s proposals may breach the code in at least three areas:

  • No rationale or justification for the criteria have been offered – impeding stakeholder’s ability to consider whether the criteria are reasonable and fair (as they must be)
  • No tie-breaker criteria (which must be included)
  • Failure to consult on the full criteria. The approach taken by the Trust of only consulting on one criteria means stakeholders are deprived of the opportunity to comment on the cumulative impacts of the criteria as a package and suggesting supplementary new criteria, or consequential changes to existing criteria.

With these potential breaches in mind, we call on the Trust to hold a further, legally compliant consultation.

We would urge that if you share our concerns you write accordingly to the school as below

An email to: jbeater@vlt.org.uk referring to Admissions Consultation in the subject header or a written letter addressed: Admissions Consultation and sent to the school’s address.

Thank you

Help stop Green Belt encroachment

We have been asked to circulate the following by the London Green Belt council. They are hoping to get sufficient signatures to get it debated in Parliament:

Cease all new developments on Greenbelt and Greenfield sites across the country

Government housing policy is forcing councils to meet aggressive house building targets. This directly causes new developments on Greenbelt & Greenfield. Many councils believe the targets are unrealistic. According to CPRE 460,000 homes are currently planned for greenbelt & greenfield sites.


RAF Northolt – please respond – air space usage

This from RAF Northolt:

Royal Air Force Northolt is required to submit an Airspace Change Proposal under the Department for Transport’s Future Airspace Strategy Implementation (South) programme.  All airports in the South East of the United Kingdom are taking part in this programme, which will not be implemented before 2024.

This Airspace Change Proposal will be implemented under the Civil Aviation Authority’s ‘CAP1616’ process, which directs an airport or airfield to engage with those geographical areas that may be affected by any proposed flightpath changes.  We have identified that your area could be affected by Royal Air Force Northolt’s Airspace Change Proposal.

We want to ensure that you are aware of this Airspace Change Proposal, and seek the input of local residents before we start the initial airspace design process.  Before we start to put any lines on maps, we would like to understand what is important to local residents and this information will influence the design principles that we use in designing the Airspace Change.  This way we can ensure that local opinion is taken into account, where there are choices to be made in the airspace design process.  

You can let your views be known by completing the design principles form and sending an electronic copy to the email address below, or by posting a hard copy to ‘Senior Air Traffic Controller, RAF Northolt, RUISLIP, HA4 6NG’.  Please rank the design principles in it in order of preference for Tables Two and Three.

The form is here: 20190320-RAF Northolt Draft Design Principles-AL3-O

The associated PowerPoint presentation is here: 20190412-CLG B – 23 Apr 19-O

We stress that operations and usage at RAF Northolt will remain unchanged, just the airspace in which our aircraft operate will change.  What we are looking to achieve at this stage is simply to understand which of the design principles are most important to residents.  From there we can go about designing the airspace and share the proposals once complete.  For electronic contact please use the following email address:  NOR-Airspaceportal@mod.gov.uk

“Cancel HS2” petition – closes April 24

Somehow this petition has slipped through almost unnoticed. It will run only until the 24th April. It needs to get to 10,000 signatures to get to a Government response or, at 100,000, it might get a parliamentary debate.’  So, if you agree with the proposal, please sign it, if you haven’t already done so. Please pass the link on to everyone you can think of. Thanks!

We call on the Government to abandon the HS2 Rail project:



Master Brewer hearing: can you attend?

From Ickenham Residents’ Association

The following application regarding the Master Brewer site is due to be considered at the Major Applications Planning Committee on Tuesday 19th February 2019 starting at 6pm in the Council Chamber in the Civic Centre.

This Association will be speaking against the proposals.

SUBJECT:  Application reference 4266/APP/2017/3183 Amendment Sept. 2018


Proposal:  Construction of a residential-led, mixed use development comprising buildings between 4 and 9 storeys to provide 437 residential units (Use Class C3); employment floor space (Use Classes B1(a-c)); flexible commercial floor space (Use Classes A1/A3); associated car and cycle parking; and hard and soft landscaping, plant and other associated ancillary development. (Revised Application)

If you would like to show your support please  come along and listen to the discussion

Thank you in advance

Swakeleys Roundabout modifications update

Committee member Brian Adams summarises the current situation with Swakeleys Roundabout as follows:

The Transport for London (TfL) application, supported by HS2, to install traffic lights on Swakeleys roundabout has not been approved by the London Borough of Hillingdon. The TfL proposal did not appear to take the problems of the  local road systems into account and the response to the consultation by residents was overwhelmingly against signalisation. The proposal did include improvements for pedestrians and cyclists and the London Borough of Hillingdon has proposed that TfL should proceed with these , particularly as there will be many HS2 HGVs using the roundabout when the Main Works construction takes place.