Local Plan

The Hillingdon Local Plan is the document that our council ( London Borough of Hillingdon) produces to:

a) set out how (and where) the Borough should grow,

b) set the policies  used to decide whether to grant planning permission when  planning applications are submitted. It’ a 2 part document:

Part 1 – Strategic policies (2012) – sets out the overall level and broad locations of growth up to 2026.

Uxbridge town centre


Part 2 comprises Development Management Policies, Site Allocations and Designations and Polices Map. Once adopted it will deliver the detail of the strategic policies set out in Part 1. Together they will form a comprehensive development strategy for the borough up to 2026.

Part 2 is yet to be Examined by Government’s Planning Inspectorate – this is expected in late 2017, at least a year later than the Council had originally expected.

If all goes to plan with the Part 2 examination, the Council expects to ‘adopt’ it and then start work on a review of Part 1. Government expects Councils to update their Local Plans every 5 years.

The Ickenham Residents’ Association submitted detailed responses during the consultations on both parts of the Local Plan and receives regular progress updates from the Council.