Chairman’s review of 2015-6

As part of the AGM, the Chairman reviews the Association’s activities during the preceding year. She also does a lot of other things like calling for votes on this and that and introducing the guest speakers. While much of this has to await the members’ approval next year, we thought it would be a good idea to see the body of her presentation here.

Result! (Ickenham plan)

Much more to come, no doubt, from Ickenham Plan but about 100 people attended the debut meeting today at the Village Hall. At the end they decided that it would be a good idea to create a Neighbourhood Plan to help preserve and improve Ickenham as a wonderful place to live.

Well done Ickenham Residents’ Association Committee member, Chris Mountain, for his hard work today, at the festive evening and on many occasions in between to start the ball rolling.

The intention is for the Neighbourhood Plan to have its own organisers, independent of the Ickenham Residents’ Association, although some Committee members might want to join in as private individuals. The truth is that the Committee has plenty on its plate already and might not be able to give the new plan the attention it clearly deserves.

Wanted: people who love Ickenham

NP Poster
The meeting is about a neighbourhood plan for Ickenham – to discuss the comments that have already been received by the Residents’ Association on the subject and to decide whether to formally apply to the Council (LBH) for permission to start the process.

More information about the Ickenham Village Meeting can be found on the Ickenham Plan website

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more information.


2.30   Exhibition opens.  Six different local theme tables, documenting views already  gathered and collecting more.
2.45  Welcome and introduction (Chris Mountain – Residents’ Association)
2.50  What difference a neighbourhood plan would make (James Gleave – LBH)
3.00  Question & Answers (Chris Mountain & James Gleave)
3.15  Show of hands on the question:

“Should we set up a Neighbourhood Forum and have a go at writing a Neighbourhood Plan for Ickenham?”

If there is interest, Chris will invite attendees to formally sign up as Forum Members. He’ll also ask if anyone is interesting in chairing the Forum, and will ask for volunteers to lead on the different emerging topics: Business, Green Spaces, Heritage and Housing.

3.20  Signing up and further collection of local views on theme tables.
3.30 Finish

We look forward to seeing you there!