Roadside works near Hillingdon Station (part 2)

A picture-only post today – the inert Web site link goes to LBH

Following the works before Christmas they are now doing the same northbound from the  bridge to Halford Rd – the cycle lane is not in use

Reference: FP011S000000003724
Status: Works In Progress
Works owner: LON, 01895 250111, Web Site
Start date: 06/12/2021
End date: 21/01/2022
Description: Kerb works and Footway resurfacing All works to be closed down by 22/12/21 for xmas shutdown to resume on 04/01/22

Master Brewer: Judicial review granted

A little bit of good news.
We received this today from LBH

Permission given for judicial review
Hillingdon Council was given permission by the High Court on Wednesday 21 July to proceed with its judicial review of the Mayor of London’s decision to grant planning permission for the former Master Brewer site.   This means that the High Court is satisfied that the council has an arguable case.   The hearing of the case in the High Court is expected to take place later this year.

Master Brewer: update (fingers crossed)

We welcome Hillingdon Council’s 10 May announcement that it has sought a Judicial Review of the Mayor of London’s decision to grant permission for the most recent Master Brewer planning application. 

We have repeatedly raised concerns about the way the Mayor has considered London Plan tall buildings policies, so we are pleased to see that this issue forms part of Hillingdon Council’s case. 

As we set out earlier this year, the Mayor’s decision to grant permission was enormously disappointing for local community groups, who had invested time and effort in creating a community masterplan to show the sort of development that would be appropriate for the vacant site.  

A Judicial Review is a type of court proceeding that considers the way in which a decision has been made, rather than the rights and wrongs of the conclusion reached.  Over the next few weeks, a Judge will decide whether the case should be heard. If the case is heard and the Judge agrees with Hillingdon Council’s arguments, the Mayor could be ordered to reconsider the application. 

Master Brewer: latest

Secretary of State rubber stamps new suburban tower block, weeks after announcing new restrictions on new tall buildings 

On 13 January the Secretary of State gave the green light to the Mayor of London to approve the 11 story 514 home development proposal at the Master Brewer site in Hillingdon.  

This decision to lift the holding direction on the application comes a month after he ordered the Mayor last month to strengthen London planning policy on tall buildings to “ensure such developments are only brought forward in appropriate and clearly defined areas”.  

As the Mayor acknowledged when deciding to grant permission in September, the Master Brewer site is in a low rise suburban area; miles from “appropriate and clearly defined” parts of the borough where tall buildings are permitted, which the Borough clearly set out in the Hillingdon Local Plan adopted last year. 

The decision is enormously disappointing for local community groups, who had invested time and effort in creating a community masterplan to show the sort of development that would be appropriate for the vacant site.  

An association spokesperson said: “after hearing from our local MP that Robert Jenrick has confirmed plans to protect the character of our suburbs against inappropriate overheight developments, we were confident that he would step in. The Secretary of State’s new London tall buildings policy is barely a month old and already it seems meaningless.  We will now speak to our local Council and neighbouring residents’ groups to discuss our options.” 

For further background, please see our Sept 2020 update:

The low-down on Ickenham’s boundary

Here’s some solid information on the boundary issue. In short, we believe it makes sense for Ickenham’s ward boundary to match the village boundary and we’d like people who agree with this to make their views known.

All Association members on our mail list were given a detailed view yesterday. Here are some key extracts (plus two extra links):

We will try to expand the Ickenham Ward to reflect our true boundaries. This would match the boundaries as agreed by LBH for the Ickenham Neighbourhood Plan, including The Greenway, Ickenham Green, The Brackenbury estate and the Ickenham Marshes, which are all currently in other wards.

Chris Mountain provided a link to a brilliant interactive map of the village – it shows electoral and natural boundaries and green spaces.

We are asking all Ickenham residents to please send in their own comments, as numbers matter here, and just one letter from the Residents’ Association will not be sufficient to sway the review.

How to get involved (Local Government Boundary Commission for England)
This is a public consultation and we welcome views from individuals and organisations across Hillingdon on where they think new ward boundaries should be drawn.

In drawing up new electoral wards, we must balance three legal criteria, namely:
– to deliver electoral equality: where each councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the borough;
– that the pattern of wards should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities;
– that the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.

We will treat all submissions equally, and judge each case on its merits and against the legal criteria.

If you wish to put forward a view, we would also urge you to ensure that evidence supports your submission.

For example, if you wish to argue that two areas should be included in the same electoral ward, make sure you tell us why they should be together, providing evidence about community facilities, ties, organisations, and amenities, rather than simply asserting that they belong together.

There is more advice on our website about how you can get involved in the consultation.

Our website features technical guidance that explains the process and our policies, as well as guidance on how to take part in each part of the process.

We have also set up a webpage dedicated to the review of Hillingdon, where you can find all the relevant information.

You can also access interactive maps of the current ward boundaries across Hillingdon on our specialist consultation portal. The portal also allows you to draw your own boundaries, mark areas of interest on the map and upload documents directly to the site.

You can make a submission to the Hillingdon electoral review:
1. through our consultation area,
2. by e-mailing, or
3. writing to the following address:
The Review Officer (Hillingdon), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 1st Floor, Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0TL

PLEASE PLEASE DO MAKE YOUR VIEWS KNOWN and feel free to share this post to anyone who is a resident of Ickenham.

Thank you in advance.

Ickenham village boundary + Ward overlaps

Wow! That last post caused a stir. Especially when it went onto Facebook.

You all deserve clarification. The boundaries being discussed are the Wards, not the Ickenham boundary itself. Here’s a map, showing which bits of Ickenham fall into which wards. I stole the map from those nice people at Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum

Ickenham Wards

Ickenham Wards


If you have comments on the proposed new boundaries, please take a look at this post:

Chairman’s review of 2015-6

As part of the AGM, the Chairman reviews the Association’s activities during the preceding year. She also does a lot of other things like calling for votes on this and that and introducing the guest speakers. While much of this has to await the members’ approval next year, we thought it would be a good idea to see the body of her presentation here.

Result! (Ickenham plan)

Much more to come, no doubt, from Ickenham Plan but about 100 people attended the debut meeting today at the Village Hall. At the end they decided that it would be a good idea to create a Neighbourhood Plan to help preserve and improve Ickenham as a wonderful place to live.

Well done Ickenham Residents’ Association Committee member, Chris Mountain, for his hard work today, at the festive evening and on many occasions in between to start the ball rolling.

The intention is for the Neighbourhood Plan to have its own organisers, independent of the Ickenham Residents’ Association, although some Committee members might want to join in as private individuals. The truth is that the Committee has plenty on its plate already and might not be able to give the new plan the attention it clearly deserves.

Wanted: people who love Ickenham

NP Poster
The meeting is about a neighbourhood plan for Ickenham – to discuss the comments that have already been received by the Residents’ Association on the subject and to decide whether to formally apply to the Council (LBH) for permission to start the process.

More information about the Ickenham Village Meeting can be found on the Ickenham Plan website

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more information.


2.30   Exhibition opens.  Six different local theme tables, documenting views already  gathered and collecting more.
2.45  Welcome and introduction (Chris Mountain – Residents’ Association)
2.50  What difference a neighbourhood plan would make (James Gleave – LBH)
3.00  Question & Answers (Chris Mountain & James Gleave)
3.15  Show of hands on the question:

“Should we set up a Neighbourhood Forum and have a go at writing a Neighbourhood Plan for Ickenham?”

If there is interest, Chris will invite attendees to formally sign up as Forum Members. He’ll also ask if anyone is interesting in chairing the Forum, and will ask for volunteers to lead on the different emerging topics: Business, Green Spaces, Heritage and Housing.

3.20  Signing up and further collection of local views on theme tables.
3.30 Finish

We look forward to seeing you there!