Do you agree with proposed Ickenham ward boundary?

Update: We are talking about the Ickenham Ward boundary not the Ickenham Village boundary. If you want to know the current Ickenham Ward boundary and what other Wards overlap with it, click here

Proposed Ickenham Ward Boundary

Proposed Ickenham Ward Boundary

Click on the map above or here to get further details and have your say – by November 5th latest.

Review timetable

28/08/18 – 05/11/18 – Consultation on new boundaries
08/01/19 – 18/03/19 – Consultation on draft recommendations
07/05/19 – Final recommendations published

2 thoughts on “Do you agree with proposed Ickenham ward boundary?

  1. I can see this new layout has a massive issue; the Ickenham Marshes would no longer be in our boundary. I feel Ickenham villagers have been the guardians of the marshes and surrounding fields for generations by fending off planners and scooters, bashing balsam, litter picking, bug hunting, getting footpaths recognised, supporting local farming and recording wildlife. The boundary shouldn’t be moved losing the marshes and fields for population reasons. Do I have this wrong?


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