HS2 Beacons

Beacons to Light HS2 Route Again

On Saturday 21st October, the route of HS2 will once again be lit up by beacons as communities come together to oppose the proposal. In a repeat of the show of unity from communities up and down Phase 1 in 2011, communities along Phase 2 are being encouraged to light bonfires as beacons all the way down the line of HS2.

The event has been organised by former Stop HS2 Chair Lizzy Williams on Facebook, and hopes that anyone opposing HS2 can join in wherever they are in the country if they wish to show people enough is enough. In places where beacons and bonfires would not be possible, candlelit vigils can be held and are very useful in raising awareness of HS2 and the destruction it will bring.

Anyone organising their own event should take full responsibility for risk assessment and health and safety including insurance if required and of course locations to be used must have permission from the landowners, and to be safe the fire brigade should be notified in advance.

The purpose of the event is to make a highly visible national event against HS2 and to attract as much media coverage as possible. It is also to encourage a spirit of solidarity amongst action groups.

More information can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

Sadly there is no where to use in Ickenham but we understand there will be one in Denham

The Harvil Road protest against HS2

The Green Party and fellow activists are protesting about HS2 ripping out trees in Harefield. Five of them have spent the night under a digger, to prevent further damage and an eventual environmental catastrophe for Harefield and surrounding areas.

While the Ickenham Residents’ Association avoids political positioning, we feel that this ongoing story may interest many of our members. To keep track of what’s going on please check in with Get West London.

Giant Jumblie coming your way…

Giant Jumblie at the URC!

The URC is holding its Autumn Jumble Sale on Saturday 7th October from 10am to 12 noon, admission 50p.  Come along for lots of bargains and if you have items to donate please bring them to the church between 3pm and 7pm on Friday 6th October or phone Richard Piper on 01895 634348 for collection.

Hear about British-born astronaut’s life in space

The West of London Astronomical Society celebrates 50 years of astronomy and space – at Vyners school from 7:30 pm on July 10.

British-born astronaut Michael Foale CBE will describe his exciting life in space aboard six Shuttle missions and two Space Stations. He made a spacewalk to service the Hubble Space Telescope and played a key role in rescuing the Mir space station and crew after the worst collision in the history of spaceflight.

The event will also feature Libby Jackson of the UK Space Agency, former
International Space Station ESA Flight Director, as seen on BBC2’s Stargazing Live.

Adults £12 children £8. Doors open 7.00 pm. Programme starts at 7.30 and ends at around 10.15. For more information and where to buy tickets please go to www.wolas.org.uk