About us

You, as a resident of Ickenham, are the reason we exist. We are here to act on your behalf to help protect Ickenham from unwelcome developments and to encourage welcome ones.

The Ickenham and Swakeleys Residents’ Association was formed in March 1924, mainly for the purpose of protecting the interests of the people of Ickenham.

The work done by the Association has changed since then, but its main concern is still to maintain Ickenham as a green and pleasant village in which to live.

Today, approximately two thirds of households in Ickenham are members of the Association. That’s well over 3,000 members. They all receive the newsletter – mostly in print, but if you’d prefer yours delivered by email, please let us know.

Please give us feedback on any of the current issues and please support us in the future as you (may) have done in the past.

The current membership fee per household is just £2. The resulting funds pay for all of our expenses, the most visible to you being the quarterly newsletter (which is available in print or by email), the hire of local facilities for meetings such as the AGM, to which members are very welcome, and stands at local events, such as the Festive Evening in December or the Ickenham Festival.

We try to keep expenses to a minimum and our representation of your interests to a maximum. The HS2 saga gives a good idea of our dedication and diligence. We believe that the £2 annual fee is incredible value for money. Please email us or complete our simple form if you’ve not yet registered and a road steward will visit you.

The Ickenham Residents’ Association Committee meets every month and forms special interest sub-committees (e.g. HS2) and co-opts members with specialist skills, as needed. Road stewards, Committee members and co-opted members all give their time voluntarily. We always need volunteers to help deliver newsletters etc. If you would like to help, please email us.

Useful links:

About the Committee members

Chairman’s review of the year 2015-6 (as presented at the AGM)

Minutes of the 2015 AGM, accepted in April 2016 (pdf)

The Constitution of the Association (pdf)

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