Master Brewer: update (fingers crossed)

We welcome Hillingdon Council’s 10 May announcement that it has sought a Judicial Review of the Mayor of London’s decision to grant permission for the most recent Master Brewer planning application. 

We have repeatedly raised concerns about the way the Mayor has considered London Plan tall buildings policies, so we are pleased to see that this issue forms part of Hillingdon Council’s case. 

As we set out earlier this year, the Mayor’s decision to grant permission was enormously disappointing for local community groups, who had invested time and effort in creating a community masterplan to show the sort of development that would be appropriate for the vacant site.  

A Judicial Review is a type of court proceeding that considers the way in which a decision has been made, rather than the rights and wrongs of the conclusion reached.  Over the next few weeks, a Judge will decide whether the case should be heard. If the case is heard and the Judge agrees with Hillingdon Council’s arguments, the Mayor could be ordered to reconsider the application.