Ickenham village boundary + Ward overlaps

Wow! That last post caused a stir. Especially when it went onto Facebook.

You all deserve clarification. The boundaries being discussed are the Wards, not the Ickenham boundary itself. Here’s a map, showing which bits of Ickenham fall into which wards. I stole the map from those nice people at Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum

Ickenham Wards

Ickenham Wards


If you have comments on the proposed new boundaries, please take a look at this post: https://ickenhamresidents.co.uk/2018/08/29/do-you-agree-with-proposed-ickenham-ward-boundary/

Chairman’s review of 2015-6

As part of the AGM, the Chairman reviews the Association’s activities during the preceding year. She also does a lot of other things like calling for votes on this and that and introducing the guest speakers. While much of this has to await the members’ approval next year, we thought it would be a good idea to see the body of her presentation here.

We’re “genteel” (it says here)

Trawling around looking for a definitive Green Belt map for Ickenham (here’s a clue), I noticed this description of Ickenham in Hidden London. We are, apparently, “A genteel residential suburb situated between Uxbridge and Ruislip.”

Hidden London claims to take, “an informative, histor­ically inclined look at a variety of the capital’s more obscure attractions, curiosities, districts and localities.”