‘Playing Out’ – Council to consult on closing roads for play

The London Borough of Hillingdon have announced their intention to consult on becoming the 46th English Council to support regular temporary closures of residential streets for play.

Ickenham Councillor David Simmonds announced the move at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 7 September.

Councillor Simmonds spoke of the varied benefits of the initiave. He drew parallels with the street parties that were so popular across Ickenham in 2016.

A date for the consultation has not yet been set. More information about ‘playing out’ is available online here: http://playingout.net/

Hillingdon and HS2: Updates

If you ever need the Council’s public low-down on HS2 please go to:



PS (next day) If you f0llowed the above link, you’d know that the HS2/LBH Agreement was signed off on 17th August and has now been published on line.

If you didn’t follow the link, it is 79 pages in length and to summarise:

  • It is now a legal agreement that both parties are obliged to implement to the best of their abilities.
  • Everything we expected is included and in the circumstances, it is as good as we could have expected.
  • There is a lot that is caveated by being subject to “reasonable endeavours” and that the real impacts will depend on HS2’s commitment (and the Contractors) to doing things properly rather than just cheaply or through expedience.
  • There will be a lot of onus on the residents and the Council to hold HS2 to account and push them for the best implementations in the interest of the community.
  • There are risks associated with the agreement on HOAC, but the Council appears to have that under control.

We have approached Nick Hurd and he has given us his whole hearted support in our need to improve the unsatisfactory situation with the HS2 Community Engagement Team (CET). He has obtained a commitment from HS2 to improve many aspects of the CET’s performance and we await the outcome of those actions.

We will keep you up to date with developments via the Ickenham Residents’ Association web site, but there is no scope for change to the Agreement now it has been signed off.

Try scything on Ickenham Marsh (16 Sept)

Come along and enjoy the art of cutting grass by hand, or just enjoy watching scythe mowing in action.

10.30am-1.00pm, Saturday 16 Sept

After successful public scything sessions on Pinn Meadows in Ruislip, the London Borough of Hillingdon Green Spaces team have agreed to bring their scythes down to the Ickenham Marsh for us to have a go. London Wildlife Trust representatives will be around too.

You can access the Marsh via the Austin’s Lane track – follow the track from the gate at the junction of Austin’s Lane and Glebe Avenue. Signs will be displayed on the day.

This event has been arranged by the Ickenham Marshes Partnership, which was established in 2012 by the Ickenham and Ruislip Gardens Residents’ Associations to bring local people, landowners and land managers together informally to make to most of the Marshes.