HS2 activists seek to learn how well-informed you are

Ruislip Against HS2 (and others, including our own HS2 sub-committee) would be very interested in your views of various sources of information on developments, now and in the future. The survey also asks a couple of questions about your general awareness.

If you can spare a few moments to check a page of ten multiple boxes, it could help them frame a more effective approach to keeping our local communities informed.


Thank you.


Hillingdon Police Community Newsletter

Last July Rob Bryan, Temporary Chief Inspector for Partnership & Neighbourhoods in Hillingdon, teamed up with our Neighbourhood Watch friends to publish a monthly Hillingdon Police Community Newsletter.

If you’re not already receiving this in your email, or if you would prefer to access it directly at your own convenience, you can access current and past issues directly from the Neighbourhood Watch website.

If you’re of a technical bent, you can read copies in your browser by using the format below for the web address (remove the quote marks – I added them to stop some browsers converting the address into a hyperlink):


Just substitute yy with the last two digits of the year and mm with the number of the month.

Happy reading!


Are you at risk from drone criminals?

We hear that criminals are using drones in Ickenham to identify potential victims – nice cars, dodgy patio doors, unlocked sheds – all are well within the drone’s reach. And the larger the property, the more likely they are to be used.

If you hear an unusual buzzing, look for activity on the street or at the back of your property. Drone users are most likely to be in sight. If you see them, call 101.

While this seems to be new to Ickenham, it’s not new generally. The Telegraph ran a useful article on the subject last year.

A couple of new ‘useful links’

While trying to find a decent pic of Ickenham Village Hall for our Twitter account and the header of this site, I found myself in contact with the Swakeleys Home Guard (1944) Association. Its members meet at the back of the Village Hall. I’ve added them to the Useful Links page, along with a lively Facebook group we mentioned recently called ‘Ickenham… it’s just the best village’.

Want to share your Ickenham pix?

We received a pic from South Swakeleys Neighbourhood Watch of its Queen’s birthday celebration. This made us wonder whether to share it and your own pix here. With the Festival Week closely following the Royal celebration, June seems like a perfect month to try the idea out. Here’s the SSNW pic:

South Swakeleys Neighbourhood Watch Queen's birthday celebration

Thanks to Diana May for this one.

We welcome good quality pix, ideally 500px wide. (It keeps the mail attachment reasonably small.) We won’t accept anything overtly commercial (but a collection of people seated outside, say, Maison du Soleil would be okay). As long as there’s a community-interest aspect to it.

You obviously need to own the rights to any image used and give us permission to use them.

Start rummaging and snapping. For simplicity, send them to ickpic@tebbo.com

We look forward to hearing from you!