HS2 Main Works – Traffic Impacts in next few months

Now that the government has given the notice to proceed for HS2 the work is starting in earnest.

We continue to have regular conference calls with HS2, the main contractors (SCS and Align) and London Borough of Hillingdon.

The most immediate impact in our area will be SCS preparation works in Harvil Road for the Harvil Road realignment(and other works) and Breakspear Road South for the construction of the haul road between West Ruislip and Harvil Road (the haul road was our recommendation in petitioning to avoid HGVs going through the village). This work will lead to lane closures in Harvil Road during October and November and occasional lane closures in Breakspear Road South; we are assured these will be coordinated to ensure one road system is fully working.

There will also be weekend road closures.

The other contractor – Align – will also be working in Harvil Road to construct the haul road to HOAC alongside Dews lane. Their works should be coordinated with SCS.

Align will also be closing the A412 between Denham and Maple Cross with Harvil Road as the diversion – dates to be advised.
The power supply contractor will be completing their works in Jan 21 which will again include some road work in Ickenham Road between West Ruislip site and the White Bear roundabout.

Full details should be available at some time on the HS2 Commonplace site


And the HS2 Helpline number is 08081 434 434 or email HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk. If you have an issue always put COMPLAINT in your email heading.

Master Brewer planning application hearing

As you know The Mayor of London has called in this application after LBH refused it earlier this year.

The hearing takes place on Thursday 3rd Sept @ 2p.m. It will obviously be a virtual session.

We shall be speaking against the proposal and have been working closely with Oak Farm and North Uxbridge Residents’ Associations as well as the Ickenham Neighbourhood forum and we will be representing all of them at the hearing.
If you would like to watch the proceedings please use this link



Tichenham Inn

The Association appreciates the social and economic contributions our local pubs make to village life, however we are aware that many of you have expressed concerns re the Tichenham Inn since reopening in July.

Thanks to those who brought this to our attention and to the attention of our councillors.

We are reliably informed that a meeting took place between Wetherspoons management, the Borough licensing officer and the police licensing officer.

As a result of this meeting and to ensure Covid – 19 guidelines are followed correctly, the following have been agreed and implemented

1. Customers must be seated when outside. Those without a seat, must either re-enter the pub (if possible) or leave the premises;
2. Drinks will only be permitted outside if customers have a table;
3. Drink will not be permitted in the designated smoking area; and
4. The fixed external furniture will be replaced with movable external furniture which will be brought in at the end of every evening.

In addition to the above measures, they have also employed door staff on a Friday and Saturday night to help manage the outside area and provide additional support for managers.

Should you have any further concerns please contact one of the licensing officers mentioned above.

Ruislip Golf Course hoardings

From HS2:

Update: Activity along the border

Work is continuing to place secure wooden hoarding along the Network Rail border to the south of our work site and then extend it along the southernmost edge of our works. The hoarding will ensure that the work site is both safe and secure. Preparatory works are still taking place during the day, and work on Network Rail land is only taking place at night when trains are not running. This activity is taking longer than expected due to unexpectedly limited number of working hours available next to the railway.

All lights needed for work activity will be placed so that they face away from the residential properties.

The side of the hoarding facing the properties in The Greenway and Hoylake Crescent will be painted dark blue. This colour has been agreed with Network Rail who need to ensure that the red, amber, and green lights are visible to their drivers’ sight lines. here will be a period where e will remove the part of the cutting. This will be done during the day.

Duration of works These works will continue until 18 September at the latest Working hours Day time activity will be between 8am and 6pm Night time activity will happen between 12.30am and 7.45am on Sundays and 5.30am all other mornings, when no trains are running We may be on site for up to an hour before and after these hours for preparation This work is progressing east to west. What to expect An excavator to remove the hoarding post foundations. All other activity will be using hand tools.