Ruislip Golf Course HS2 works

From HS2

Expansion of works area at Ruislip Golf Course 23/08/21 to 12/09/21 Work item details

What we are doing
Our works have now progressed to the point where we need to occupy additional land to facilitate works on the railway. This area is shown on the map below and is to the north of the current hoarding line. This area will allow us to fully build the internal haul road and stockpile essential materials for these works. For more info:

Duration of works
Week commencing 23 August 2021. This will remain part of the works area until the conclusion of all works. From 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1 pm on Saturdays, if required

What to expect
We will use mainly handheld tools and machinery to move the fencing and support weights

What we will do
Maintain footpath access while the Celandine Way remains open

A bunch of HS2 updates

From HS2:

From Ickenham Residents.
1              From mid-August, we will be starting our preconstruction work, on the south side of the Ruislip Golf Course. This is part of our work to divert our sewer, to make way for the new HS2 line.
Thames Water update
From mid-August, we will be starting our preconstruction work, on the southside of the Ruislip Golf Course. This is part of our work to divert our sewer, to make way for the new HS2 line.
Our work will involve us putting up small fences to stop Great Crested Newts entering our planned worksite. Around this fence we will be putting up heras fencing. This worksite will be in place for up to two months. During this time, the newts inside the fencing area will be carefully removed and taken to the ponds on the golf course.
Our work will involve no tree or vegetation clearance and will have minimal impact to the area. A map of the area we will be working in, is shown on the next page.
Once this work has been completed, we will then start our main work to tunnel underground from Ickenham Green Allotments to the golf course.
We will be in touch again to provide regular updates on the works.
2          The road closure for the conveyor bridge installation over Newyears Green Lane was unable to go ahead as planned on the 2nd of August.
These works have now been rescheduled and will take place the week commencing the 9th of August 2021. On these dates works will take place between 8am to 6pm.
3          In a UK first, on-site 3D reinforced concrete printing is set to deliver environmental, cost and community benefits for Britain’s new high speed rail network.

The cutting-edge technology, called ‘Printfrastructure’, will be deployed by our London tunnels contractor SCS JV (Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture), in a move that represents a major step forward in construction technology.
Printing concrete with computer operated robots will enable SCS JV to make structures on site, instead of transporting them as pre-cast slabs by road before being assembled and lowered into place by large cranes.
As flexible mobile technology, 3D concrete printing enables the technique to be deployed in physically-restricted areas – avoiding the need to develop complicated and potentially expensive logistical plans.
Where our construction is happening besides a live railway, it also offers an opportunity to deliver works without disrupting the travelling public as a robot will print the reinforced concrete, enabling construction to continue and trains to run at the same time.
Previously work would have taken place overnight after trains have stopped running, potentially disturbing the local community, or would have required the suspension of services to ensure safe working.
Using a computer-controlled robot enables the reinforced concrete structures to be printed with a strengthening unique internal lattice structure, which not only significantly reduces the quantity of concrete required but also cuts waste.
But the breakthrough is underlined by technology developed by SCS JV’s Worcestershire-based partner, ChangeMaker 3D. Working with UK advanced materials specialist, Versarien, the high-tech compnay’s innovation takes the 3D concrete printing process and combines it with the strongest material ever tested: graphene.
Concrete with microscopic strands of graphene only several atoms thick running through it like stripes in a stick of rock replaces traditional steel to help drive improved site safety, greater construction flexibility, shorter build time and a smaller carbon footprint.
SCS JV estimates that the process it is developing with the Midlands firm could reduce the concrete used and contribute toward reducing carbon by up to 50 per cent.
By removing steel and simplifying the construction process, which will no longer require cranes and significantly fewer delivery trucks, the carbon reduction could be even greater. Proof of concept trials are due to begin in Spring 2022.

HS2 updates

From HS2:

We wrote to you in June to advise you that we would be starting the next phase of the bored piles installation at Breakspear Road South from 21 June to 31 July. However, we will require additional time to complete these works which will continue until 6 August 2021.

We will also be installing sheet piles within our site compound at the same time.

Hill Lane closure planned for Aug 9

1. Hillingdon Council gives notice that to enable main renewal works to be carried out by Thames Water and to prevent the likelihood of danger to the public it made this Order, which will temporarily close Hill Lane, Ickenham from the junction of Ickenham Road.
2. No Diversion route will be in place. Nothing in the Order shall apply to prevent vehicular access to premises on or adjacent to the prohibited length of road insofar as access is reasonably practicable without interference with the said works.
3. The temporary restriction will be in operation between 09:00hrs on the 9th August 2021 to 15:00hrs, on the 9th August 2021 and to such extent as indicated by traffic signs prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. Road users should assume that the closure has been put into effect only if traffic signs have been erected stating that the road has been closed and the diversion route, if necessary is in place.
4. The Order, which is proposed will come into operation on 9th August 2021, will continue in force for eighteen months or until work to which it relates is completed. However it is anticipated that the works will be completed within 1 Day.
Dated this 5 day of July 2021 Perry Scott Corporate Director of Infrastructure, Building Services & Transport

HS2 updates

From HS2:

HS2 and our contractors SCSJV will be holding an online information event on Thursday 29 July from 3pm to 5pm to share our designs of the Copthall Tunnel, between Breakspear Road South and Harvil Road, as well as the Northern Sustainable Placement Areas, located off Newyears Green Lane.

Join us to find out about:

  • Tunnel designs
  • Landscaping
  • Upcoming works programme
  • Construction methods

You will be able to hear from our team of experts and ask questions.

This event is being held on:

Thursday 29 July from 3pm to 5pm

You can register for the event via this link.
Please note registration closes 2 hours
before each live event starts.

We will be running this session via Microsoft Teams , which is a free to use online platform. If you have the Microsoft Teams app installed on your desktop or mobile device, the session will open automatically within that.

Further joining instructions will be sent to all registered attendees closer to the time.

We are holding virtual one to one sessions to learn more about HS2 works in Hillingdon and Northolt. HS2 and their contractors would like to invite you to book an appointment for a virtual one-to-one session. The sessions are a chance to learn more about works in the Hillingdon and Northolt areas. The 15-minute appointments are available on: • Monday 2 August, 3pm to 7pm When registering, please specify your area of interest and postcode. Topics available include: . Works in your area . Highways and traffic . Noise and vibration . Utility works . Community engagement . Other (please let us know if you have other queries) You can book a slot on the HS2 website, please click here

Master Brewer: Judicial review granted

A little bit of good news.
We received this today from LBH

Permission given for judicial review
Hillingdon Council was given permission by the High Court on Wednesday 21 July to proceed with its judicial review of the Mayor of London’s decision to grant planning permission for the former Master Brewer site.   This means that the High Court is satisfied that the council has an arguable case.   The hearing of the case in the High Court is expected to take place later this year.

HS2 works August onwards

From HS2

Upcoming works
Works are ongoing at our sites at Harvil Road and Newyears Green Lane to build the new bridge over the Chiltern Line railway, the Copthall tunnel and the conveyor system.

From 2 August 2021, we will be carrying out the following activities:

• Piling works for the west portal of the Copthall tunnel
• Installation of the conveyor bridge over Newyears Green Lane
• Installation of support structures (abutments and wingwalls) for the new
bridge over the Chiltern Line railway
• Sheet piling at the MSD buildings off Breakspear Road South

We will continue to monitor noise, dust and vibration throughout our works and ensure that adequate measures are in place to minimise disruption.  Please see the following pages for more information about locations and the works we will be carrying out over the next few months.

1. Piling works for the Copthall tunnel
From 2 August to 18 September 2021, we will be carrying out piling work for the construction of the west portal of the Copthall tunnel.
The west portal pilling will be delivered using Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) techniques. CFA piling is when a continuous auger (hollow stem) is drilled into the ground to the required depth. Once the required depth is achieved, concrete is installed via the piling rig and through the hollow stem auger. The auger is then slowly withdrawn, and reinforced steel cages are installed. This method should not cause any disruption.

2. Road closure for conveyor bridge installation over Newyears Green Lane
From week commencing 2 August 2021, we will lift and install the conveyor bridge over Newyears Green Lane. A temporary road closure will be in place to ensure the installation can be carried out safely.
These works are dependent on weather conditions and we will therefore require two weeks after the start date as contingency to complete them. We anticipate the road closure to be in place for up to five days.  We will provide you updates at

3. Support structure installation
From 7 August 2021, we will be constructing the abutments and wingwalls, support structures for the new bridge over the Chiltern Line railway.
An abutment is a substructure unit located at the end of a bridge. Its function is to provide end support for the bridge superstructure. Wingwalls are also located at the ends of a bridge. Their function is to retain and provide support to the abutments.
For safety reasons, some of these works will take place between midnight and 6am, Saturday to Thursday, when trains are not running.

4. Sheet piling at MSD building

From 9 to 27 August 2021, we will be installing sheet piles at the MSD Building located off Breakspear Road South within our site.
Steel sheet piles will be installed in sequence along the planned perimeter and pressed into position. When arranged side by side, the sheet piles form a wall to provide earth support. We will not be expecting any disruption for these works.

Download information relating to these works

Extended working hours within our sites
Works are ongoing at our sites at Harvil Road and Newyears Green Lane to build the new road realignment, the Copthall Tunnels and the conveyor system. Some of these works will need to take place during extended working hours. From 7 July until 31 October 2021, we will be extending our working hours on our sites and will be undertaking work on site from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. This is an extension of our core working hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8pm to 1pm on Saturdays. We will only carry out activities agreed with the London Borough of Hillingdon and will adhere to the agreed working hours, noise and vibration limits. We will continue to monitor noise, dust and vibration throughout our works to ensure that we have adequate measures in place to minimise disruption. We appreciate your continued patience while we build HS2

West Ruislip concrete breaking trials

From HS2:

At the West Ruislip site, we will be carrying out a 5-day trial of a machine that breaks down concrete into smaller reusable parts.

If this trial is successful, it will mean that the number of lorry movements required to transport concrete to and from site will be reduced and will remove a significant number of lorries from local roads.
for map and more info