Planning appeals tidied 22-10-2019

My working methods (regarding appeals) over the past few years have left something to be desired. There have always been more appeal pins on the map than there were outstanding appeals. Finally, I’ve found a better way of working. In future the map will show only outstanding appeals at the date of its update, reported here – usually weekly. The three current appeals are at UB10 8… then EL, JF and TA.  Map link.


Help stop Green Belt encroachment

We have been asked to circulate the following by the London Green Belt council. They are hoping to get sufficient signatures to get it debated in Parliament:

Cease all new developments on Greenbelt and Greenfield sites across the country

Government housing policy is forcing councils to meet aggressive house building targets. This directly causes new developments on Greenbelt & Greenfield. Many councils believe the targets are unrealistic. According to CPRE 460,000 homes are currently planned for greenbelt & greenfield sites.–Hl5fB3NyNufYSs5SLv9ryOhDAN5NC-pm88