HS2 Village Hall tomorrow (3 Nov)

HS2 will be holding an Information Event between 3 pm and 9 pm Ickenham Village Hall tomorrow, November 3. We will have a stand there and will on hand to answer questions, suggest questions to ask HS2 and listen to  your feedback.

The more of you that come and share your views with us, the better informed and prepared we’ll be when we present to the House of Lords Select Committee.

Some things to bear in mind (quoting from an earlier email):

“The government has reneged on its commitment to fund the relocation of HOAC. As it stands HOAC will  close down.”

“Also, the Secretary of State will not agree to extension of tunnel.”

 “This does not bode well for us trying to get improvements for the community.”

We have to keep on pushing as hard as possible for decision reversals and mitigation.

See you there?