HS2 House of Lords petitions

If you are interested in reading our HS2 petition to the House of Lords Select Committee, you’ll find it on pages 27-34 of this document. Others look out for are:

Document 1: Beryl Upton, and many others,  pages 40-43; Eric Gustavson, pages 281-284

Document 2: The Drive/Uxbridge Golf Course, pages 66-74;

Document 3: Matt Semple, and many others, pages 19-21; Mary Cockerell, and many others, pages 42-48; Brian Cable, pages 54-60

Document 4: London Borough of Hillingdon, pages 384 to 389

Document 5: North Uxbridge Residents Association pages 74-75

All bar the LBH will appear on 21st November between 14:00 and 17:30

[Update: 10th November: Four more petitions have been squeezed into an already tight slot.]

LBH is scheduled for 17th November – time slot still unknown.

If you are willing and able, please attend these sessions. The more of us who turn up in support, the greater the influence on the Select Committee. Thank you.