Hear about British-born astronaut’s life in space

The West of London Astronomical Society celebrates 50 years of astronomy and space – at Vyners school from 7:30 pm on July 10.

British-born astronaut Michael Foale CBE will describe his exciting life in space aboard six Shuttle missions and two Space Stations. He made a spacewalk to service the Hubble Space Telescope and played a key role in rescuing the Mir space station and crew after the worst collision in the history of spaceflight.

The event will also feature Libby Jackson of the UK Space Agency, former
International Space Station ESA Flight Director, as seen on BBC2’s Stargazing Live.

Adults £12 children £8. Doors open 7.00 pm. Programme starts at 7.30 and ends at around 10.15. For more information and where to buy tickets please go to www.wolas.org.uk