More Breakspear Road South closures

Following recent meetings with HS2, we have been advised that HS2 contractors will need to close the northbound lane in Breakspear Road South for a 30-metre stretch north of the Chiltern line bridge. This is planned to last nine days – Jan 7 to 16th. This will be followed by an eight-week complete closure commencing last week of February. These dates are to be confirmed.

2 thoughts on “More Breakspear Road South closures

  1. Surely the council should be challenging these closures given the huge amount of disruption they cause both to residents and commuters. The pollution cost alone should mean that it is not acceptable


  2. I have had enough – wish I could move away but now probably impossible to sell my house….thanks HS2 – all for the sake of cutting 20 mins off of a train ride to Birmingham….


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