Swakeleys Roundabout modifications update

Committee member Brian Adams summarises the current situation with Swakeleys Roundabout as follows:

The Transport for London (TfL) application, supported by HS2, to install traffic lights on Swakeleys roundabout has not been approved by the London Borough of Hillingdon. The TfL proposal did not appear to take the problems of the  local road systems into account and the response to the consultation by residents was overwhelmingly against signalisation. The proposal did include improvements for pedestrians and cyclists and the London Borough of Hillingdon has proposed that TfL should proceed with these , particularly as there will be many HS2 HGVs using the roundabout when the Main Works construction takes place.

One thought on “Swakeleys Roundabout modifications update

  1. I’m hoping that there will be work to improve the zebra crossings on Swakeleys roundabout. I walk my dog over to the fields on Park Road & the crossing leading to this is so dangerous. You can’t see cars approaching as foliage blocking the eyeline. It really needs pedestrian lights.


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