Local HS2 traffic movements update

The proposed 8-week closure of Breakspear Road South will not take place at the end  of February. Dates yet to be finalised but could be 24 May start.

Test Piling by contractors at sites in Harvil Road, A412 and possibly Moorhall Road will create peak HGV movements at Swakeleys Roundabout, Swakeleys Road and Harvil Road of  300 per day during March and April.


2 thoughts on “Local HS2 traffic movements update

  1. This will give you a clue:

    Extract from the hybrid Bill for HS2:

    4. Highway powers
    The Bill includes various powers relating to highways, including in relation to access, interference, construction and maintenance. These are set out in Schedule 4 of the Bill. Powers to interfere with highways include the following:
    Power to close a highway permanently, with no replacement. This power can be exercised only if certain conditions relating to access to affected properties are met. The affected parts of highways are listed in Table 1 of Schedule 5.
    Power to close a highway, with a replacement. Highways cannot be stopped up until the replacement is in place, except for temporary closures required to build the replacement highway. Relevant highways are listed in Table 2 of Schedule 5, with the replacement highway specified.
    Power to create new highways. The Bill provides powers to create new public rights of way, similar to the powers in the Highways Act 1980. The highways to be created, are listed in Table 3 of Schedule 5.
    Power to temporarily stop up a highway. The extent of highway that can be temporarily stopped up is listed in Table 4 of Schedule 5. The Promoter can also stop up any highway, within or outside limits, with the consent of the Highway Authority.


  2. Why are the council allowing them to close Breakspear Road South for such extended periods of time? They should only be allowed to close it for 2 weeks maximum or better still not close and use traffic signals. The environmental damage caused by the congestion every time the road is closed is unacceptable. This is in addition to the extra HGV traffic as well.


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