Breakspear Road South closure: official

This from HS2:

Closure of Breakspear Road South – 31 May to 29 July

Posted on May 13th 2019 by HS2 in Hillingdon

We are continuing HS2 preparatory works in your area. As part of this work we need to close a section of Breakspear Road South to safely complete the construction of the new Merck, Sharpe and Dohme access road, along with re-positioning and reinstalling of various utility and service connections.

We recognise road closures affect both the public and the local community and will cause significant impacts on your journey plans. We have scheduled the work to be completed in three phases, which we explain fully below.

Phase 1: Full road closure for 27 days, starting Friday 31 May at 6am to Thursday 27 June at 8pm.

Phase 2: Northbound lane closure for 17 days, starting Thursday 27 June at 8pm to Friday 12 July at 6am.

Phase 3: Full road closure for 16 days, starting Friday 12 July at 6am to Sunday 28 July at 8pm.

Full reopening of the road on Monday 29 July 2019.

We encourage all drivers to follow the advised diversion route shown in the notification. A detailed map will be available shortly. The notification sent to residents can be found here.

The closure will begin north of the Merck, Sharpe and Dohme entrance and end after Gatesmead Farm. Access will be maintained to residential properties at all times.

If you would like to talk to us about this closure please call our helpdesk or visit us at a drop-in. Please click here for more details.

6 thoughts on “Breakspear Road South closure: official

  1. For the record, here’s an email the Residents’ Association sent to our MP (Nick Hurd) on 11 May 2019 at 17:02 Subject: Closure of Breakspear Rd South

    Dear Nick
    As you are aware from an email last week, the residents are becomingly increasingly frustrated and angry about HS2’s behaviour. The situation regarding the closure of Breakspear Road South has worsened this week.
    We have stressed since the beginning of this year that any closure should avoid dates when school exams are taking place. Any closure is not welcome but to reduce the impact we have proposed HS2 should plan to do it during the school summer holidays.
    Last week the HS2 project plan still showed a start date of 24 May although HS2 representatives would not confirm this date. They agreed to call a special meeting to discuss traffic management and communication when the dates were known.
    On May 8th the contractors put up signs stating the road would close for 4 weeks commencing 31 May. We have subsequently been informed that this is actually 8 weeks from 31st May
    4 weeks full closure
    2 weeks part closure
    2 weeks full closure
    No warning from HS2, no discussion. It also happens to coincide with major roadworks in Northwood in Ducks Hill Road
    You have always stated that you have more influence and can achieve more by remaining in the government and not opposing this project. We ask you now to demonstrate this ‘influence’ by getting this latest closure stopped and moved to the school summer holidays.

    We look forward to hearing from on this matter
    It was signed by the General Secretary of the Association.
    We’ve yet to receive a reply from Nick Hurd.


  2. I had a representative of HS2 at my door today providing details of the extended closure, he explained that they did wish to undertake the works in the summer, but they had made a promise to a land owner to complete the works by a particular date. So HS2 can keep promises!


  3. This is a comment from the HS2 sub-committee of the Ickenham Residents’ Association: “The Association, other resident groups and LBH have written to MPs and HS2 Ltd stating that the BRS closure duration and dates are unacceptable and should be postponed until the school summer holidays. This is the position we have maintained throughout this year at the monthly Hillingdon community meetings.”


  4. Totally unacceptable as mentioned – there was a problem yesterday on M25 and traffic in the area was really bad – if BRS was closed as well there is no hope ! Our quality of life is going to get worse – we don’t need HS2 – a very badly managed and thought out project – upgrade other lines especially further north .
    We now learn that HS2 are exempt from planning laws -i.e they can do what they like and they do !


  5. To close the road during school GCSE and A level exam times seems inconsiderate. Were we not promised only partial closure during the consultation phase?


  6. Closure of the road for that length of time is unacceptable. It is then followed by continuing disruption for virtually the whole summer. How are they allowed to get away with this? It is not sufficient for them to them to say that they understand it causes serious disruption they need to think outside of the box and find more acceptable work around s like only closing outside of rush hour or planning the work more thoroughly to require shorter periods of closure. What is being done is just sloppy project management because they are allowed to be sloppy. The inept project management only adds fuel to the fire that says HS2 should be abandoned.


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