Make contact with LBH and its service providers

This message came from one of our local councillors:


This email is to inform you that officers from LBH and some of our partners will be carrying out a Multi-Agency Partnership Day in the wards of West Ruislip ,Ruislip Manor and Ickenham on Friday 14th June.

The event will run from 2 – 8pm. There will be an Information Hub in Waitrose, 9 ,Kingsend, Ruislip HA4 7DS where officers will be handing out leaflets and giving advice on Community Safety issues amongst others, to residents and people working or studying in the borough.

In addition, LBH Officers and some of our partners will be out and about carrying out their core duties. For example, the Police will be carrying out a weapons sweep and it is hoped the Fire Brigade will be offering advice on Home Fire Safety Visits ( subject to operational commitments).

Others taking part include the Environmental Enforcement Team, ASBET, Parking Services, Children’s Services, Neighbourhood Watch and Community Safety.