Road works Ickenham Road

We have been informed of Major works to supply HV power lines to the HS2 site stationed in Ruislip Golf Course. Works will commence 4th June 2020 for approx 12 weeks along Ickenham Road between Ruislip Golf Club and High Street Ruislip.

Given the traffic sensitivity of Ickenham road and traffic management required to accommodate these works, it is expected that these works will cause considerable disruption to Hillingdons road network.

In light of the above, these types of work would normally have been negotiated to be normally done during the school summer holidays however, given the extent (900meters), estimated duration and traffic management involved, it was deemed better to commence these works prior to the school summer holidays when traffic is still considerably less given the current climate surrounding Covid – 19, rather than waiting until School summer holidays when works would have extended well into September when the likelihood of local businesses and work streams resume back to normal.

Works will be done in two phases:

Phase one: Ickenham Road between Sharps Lane roundabout to High Street Ruislip.

Traffic management involved to accommodate these works will involve an eastbound closure of Ickenham road between Sharps Lane roundabout and High Street Ruislip, A hard closure of Sharps Lane at its junction with Ickenham Road along with 4 way temp lights at its roundabout of Wood Lane, Kingsend, & Ickenham Road.

Full diversions are in place to accommodate both closures.

Phase two – Ickenham Road between Sharps Lane and the entrance to Ruislip Golf course.

Traffic management will involve 2/3 way temp traffic lights.

Given the nature and sensitivity of Ickenham road  these works will be monitored daily. HS2/UKPN have also  been  instructed to work seven days a week to expedite progress.