Various road works – LBH and HS2

A bit late with these: my apologies.
From LBH
As part of this year’s planned carriageway resurfacing programme, work is due to be carried out on Swakeleys Road from the week commencing 29 June 2020.
We will place advance Notices on the streets giving the actual start date.
The hours of working will be 8.00 pm to 5.00 am, (Monday to Saturday).
The start date and duration period may be subject to change due to prevailing weather conditions or unforeseen issues.
And, from HS2
Works Notice:
Wednesday 1 July 2020 between 8am – 5pm the southbound lane of Breakspear Road South will be closed. Traffic will flow in both directions controlled by temporary traffic lights. We need to undertake vegetation clearance works to enable a footpath diversion adjacent to Breakspear Road South
What are we doing
We need to undertake vegetation clearance works to enable a footpath diversion adjacent to Breakspear Road South. on Wednesday 1 July 2020. We are sorry for the shorter than usual notice period for these works.
Temporary traffic lights
We will require a single lane closure of the southbound lane on Breakspear Road South to safely undertake the vegetation clearance works on the southern side of the Chiltern line bridge, for 1 day.
A set of temporary 3-way traffic lights will be in place allowing traffic to flow safely during the lane closure.
To minimise the impact to road users of another lane closure, we have collaborated with Skanska Costain Strabag (SCS) who will also be undertaking work adjacent to Oak Farm, during our lane closure.
Works Update: Ruislip Golf Course Hoarding works rescheduled to 28 June until 14 August
We previously wrote to you in May regarding the installation of wooden hoarding between Ruislip Golf Course and the Chiltern railway lines.
This is to ensure that the work site is both safe and secure. These works were postponed form earlier in June.
Preparatory works will take place during the day and then work on Network Rail land will take place during the night as this is the only time that the Chiltern line has no trains running. This night-time activity will only be the erecting of a solid timber hoarding along the entire length of the site. The placement of the hoarding is shown on the map overleaf.
All lights needed for work activity will be placed so that they face back toward the work compound and away from the residential properties.
The side of the hoarding facing the properties in The Greenway and Hoylake Crescent will then be painted a dark blue. This colour has been agreed with Network Rail who need to ensure that the red, amber, and green lights are visible to their driver’s sight lines.
There will be a period where we will remove the part of the cutting. This will be behind our new hoarding line and will be done during the day.
These works have been moved to a start date of 28 June and will last until 14 August at the latest.
Day time activity will happen between 8am and 6pm.
Night time activity will happen between 12.30am and 5.30am, except for Sunday when they will finish at 7.45am.
We may be on site for up to an hour before/after these hours to allow for preparation.
What to expect
Placement of the posts will require an excavator to excavate the hoarding post foundations. All other activity will be using hand tools to minimise disturbance