Ruislip Golf Course hoardings

From HS2:

Update: Activity along the border

Work is continuing to place secure wooden hoarding along the Network Rail border to the south of our work site and then extend it along the southernmost edge of our works. The hoarding will ensure that the work site is both safe and secure. Preparatory works are still taking place during the day, and work on Network Rail land is only taking place at night when trains are not running. This activity is taking longer than expected due to unexpectedly limited number of working hours available next to the railway.

All lights needed for work activity will be placed so that they face away from the residential properties.

The side of the hoarding facing the properties in The Greenway and Hoylake Crescent will be painted dark blue. This colour has been agreed with Network Rail who need to ensure that the red, amber, and green lights are visible to their drivers’ sight lines. here will be a period where e will remove the part of the cutting. This will be done during the day.

Duration of works These works will continue until 18 September at the latest Working hours Day time activity will be between 8am and 6pm Night time activity will happen between 12.30am and 7.45am on Sundays and 5.30am all other mornings, when no trains are running We may be on site for up to an hour before and after these hours for preparation This work is progressing east to west. What to expect An excavator to remove the hoarding post foundations. All other activity will be using hand tools.