Tichenham Inn

The Association appreciates the social and economic contributions our local pubs make to village life, however we are aware that many of you have expressed concerns re the Tichenham Inn since reopening in July.

Thanks to those who brought this to our attention and to the attention of our councillors.

We are reliably informed that a meeting took place between Wetherspoons management, the Borough licensing officer and the police licensing officer.

As a result of this meeting and to ensure Covid – 19 guidelines are followed correctly, the following have been agreed and implemented

1. Customers must be seated when outside. Those without a seat, must either re-enter the pub (if possible) or leave the premises;
2. Drinks will only be permitted outside if customers have a table;
3. Drink will not be permitted in the designated smoking area; and
4. The fixed external furniture will be replaced with movable external furniture which will be brought in at the end of every evening.

In addition to the above measures, they have also employed door staff on a Friday and Saturday night to help manage the outside area and provide additional support for managers.

Should you have any further concerns please contact one of the licensing officers mentioned above.

4 thoughts on “Tichenham Inn

  1. What about the underage drinking that is happening? Also the Proxy sales?

    No alcohol outside after 10pm is still happening. People are drinking and smoking whilst the door staff chat away to them.


  2. It remains to be seen whether these measures will work to stop the anti social behaviour presently affecting residents, but at least something is being done!
    I still believe that this is the wrong position for a pub to be sited in, and find it hard to believe that it was granted a license in the first place.
    How did this happen? Interesting to find out, as many people have their suspicions!!!


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