Newyears Green Lane closure: March 15+

from HS2

During the week commencing 15 March 2021, we will be carrying out vegetation clearance works along Newyears Green Lane, This activity will need to be carried out under a road closure, between 8am and 6pm. At the end of each shift we will restore the area to its previous condition. We will also be carrying out utility surveys to investigate the condition of the culvert system, using a small CCTV camera mounted on a small robot. If a blockage is found, we may need to flush the system using a high-pressure water jet in order to complete the investigation. This activity will be completed in one day if the weather permits.

Due to the location of these works, temporary traffic management will be required to ensure the surveys can be carried out safely. Access to the BFA Recycling Centre will be maintained throughout the works.

Duration of works
The work will take place from the 15 March to the 19 March, between 8am and 6pm. We may be on site for an hour before the start and/or end of each shift.

What to expect
Temporary traffic management
The use of equipment, including strimmers, to remove vegetation, surveying equipment including a CCTV camera and a water tanker should we need to clear a blockage.

What we will do
Maintain access to your property at all times and keep the area tidy