Breakspear Road South Restrictions

From HS2

The road crossing at Breakspear Road South will become operational for our site traffic from 10 May 2021. The London Borough of Hillingdon has approved a speed limit reduction from 40mph to 30mph between Swakeleys Road and Breakspear Road, and to 20mph near the haul road crossing.

To ensure that this area is ready, we will be carrying out road and utility works along Breakspear Road South from 7 May 2021, in the area by the railway bridge. These works will include the installation of concrete traffic barriers and line markings. Additionally, we will investigate the condition of the culvert system using a CCTV camera mounted on a small robot.Your utility services will not be affected.

Most of the work activities on the carriageways will be restricted to lane closures. However, for safety reasons there will be a full road closure needed for one night on 7 May

Duration of works

Overnight road closure on 7 May 2021 between 9pm and 5am

Lane closure on 8 and 9 May between 9 am and 5 pm

We may be on site for an hour before the start and/or end of each shift

What to expect
Traffic management, operatives, and surveying equipment (including a CCTV camera). Temporary traffic signals supported by operatives during the busiest parts of the day

What we will do
Maintain access to your property at all times

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