Greenway surveying activity

from HS2

On 8 November 2021, our surveying team will be installing monitoring studs along The Greenway. This will help our team to monitor ground settlement in the area.

The monitoring studs will be installed on the kerbs along the Greenway. Our surveyors will use a tripod placed on the ground to take measurements and distances and they will be using hand tools so the noise from the activity should be minimal.

Our surveyors will carry out weekly visits after the installation to monitor ground settlement.

We will maintain access to footpaths and driveways for the duration of these works.

Duration of works
Installation on 8 November from 9am to 5pm
Weekly monitoring visits until 30 June 2022

What to expect
Two operatives in the work area, as well as handheld equipment and tripods
Weekly visits after the installation

What we will do
Maintain access to your property at all times