Breakspear Road South closure – update

Breakspear Road South will be closed at the Chiltern Line Bridge from 12.01am Friday 26/11/21 for eight days while Network Rail carries out emergency repairs due to two bridge strikes in the last week.

Two HGV lorries (large high-sided lorries) struck the side of the Chiltern Line Bridge, on 18/11/21 and again on 23/11/21. In the photos below, you will see visible damage to the underside of the bridge, including where brickwork has fallen onto the carriageway.
Unfortunately there have been an increased amount of reported cases of HGV vehicles striking this bridge, with the Police confirming 15 incidents during this year alone. As a result Hillingdon Officers and Network Rail have worked together to facilitate the closure of the Breakspear Road South after the latest incident. This collaborative working will benefit our residents as we are now aware of the closure in advance (something that did not happen previously), and can communicate and plan for the closure.
Officers have engaged with HS2 and its contractors to ensure there are no temporary traffic lights on the adjacent Harvil Road during this closure, and have instructed HS2 to make sure they take full advantage of this closure by bringing forward any planned works on Breakspear Road South while the closure is in place.
Officers have requested that a Road Safety Audit is carried out as a matter of urgency (and paid for by HS2) to look at the location of the traffic lights in place on this section of Breakspear Road South. The traffic lights have been installed by HS2 to facilitate the movement of HS2 vehicles exiting the HS2 Site located just to the north of the Bridge, and are planned to be in place until at least 2024.
Officers will continue to proactively explore all available options to eradicate these bridge strikes from happening, and will continue to work in collaboration with Network Rail and HS2 and their contractors to ensure the best possible outcomes for our residents should these incidents occur in the future