Upcoming HS2 works at West Ruislip

From HS2

HS2 Works Notification:  Update on night works at West Ruislip
We wrote to you in November last year, to let you know about night works taking place adjacent to the Golf Course at West Ruislip.

In order to continue these works, we need to undertake some additional activities within what is known as a Network Rail ‘Possession’ which means that we can undertake works when the trains are not using the Chiltern Line track. These are generally overnight.

Late on Saturday the 15th of January into the 16th of January we will be re-locating the hoarding line adjacent to the railway line, this will be done using hand tools predominantly and so is not expected to cause any inconvenience or disruption. There will be some vegetation clearance undertaken to facilitate this, which will be done as quietly as possible by hand.
Ickenham Road HS2 Utilities Works January 2022:
HS2 (through their contractors SCS) are undertaking a series of essential Utilities works in 2022 in advance of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) travelling from near West Ruislip Tube Station under the ground in a tunnel to Old Oak Common in Acton. Any present Utilities along the route (such as gas, electricity, water and sewerage pipes) have to either be diverted or be renewed or reinforced so that the vibration from the movement of the TBM travelling underneath them will not cause breakages and damage to the existing pipework.
In Ickenham Road these works have been split down into 7 Phases, with Phase 1 starting next Monday 10/01/22 where the central reservation on Ickenham Road outside of West Ruislip Tube Station will be removed. This is expected to take 2.5 weeks, and then the remaining Phases of works will follow on from each other consecutively.
The details of these 7 Phases of works are as follows:
Ickenham Road Utility Works (Utility diversion works including removal of the central reservation, excavation, installation and reinstatement of 12” Cadent gas main. Installation of Water valves and spiking of UKPN cable)

Phase 1 – 10/01/22 to 26/01/22 – Traffic Management (TM) = Narrow Lanes (removal of central reservation)

Phase 2 – 27/01/22 to 02/03/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 3 – 02/03/22 – 30/03/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossing

Phase 4 – 31/03/22 to 20/04/22 – TM = Narrow Lanes and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 5 – 21/04/22 to 25/05/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 6 – 26/05/22 to 29/06/22 – TM = Contraflow, Footway Closure and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings

Phase 7 – 30/06/22 to 05/08/22 – TM = Narrow Lanes and 2 Stand-alone Pedestrian Crossings (reinstatement of central reservation)
HS2 has carried out community engagement activities with local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders such as TfL and local schools in the area to advise of these works. As there are no road or lane closures expected we do not foresee any delays to traffic movement in this area, and we have made it clear to HS2 that we expect Ickenham Road to remain open to 2-way traffic flow throughout the duration of these works, and access for pedestrians will also be maintained.
Please note that LB Hillingdon Officers have been extensively involved in meetings with HS2 and their contractors to streamline these works as much as is possible in order to get the best solution available for our residents and road users in this area, and we will be closely monitoring the works when they happen to ensure that HS2 and their contractors keep to the agreed schedule and to expedite the works if at all possible.