Copthall Road West – some disruption ahead

In order to construct the railway, we need to supply electricity to our compounds and work sites. SSEN will be working in your area to upgrade the local electricity network so these supplies can be provided. Starting on 21 March SSEN will begin works to install a high voltage underground cable as part of planned upgrade works along Copthall Road West. We expect these works to last for six weeks. Works will require excavation of trenches along the roadside and work will be done sequentially to reduce the impact on nearby properties. Any Public Rights of Way will be maintained wherever possible. While works are taking place access will be managed by on site staff with signage and traffic marshalling for pedestrians. We do not anticipate any interruption to your electricity supply. Further works will be required in Breakspear Road to complete these upgrades. We will write to residents with further information in due course. Advance warning signage will be put in place prior to the works taking place. Please note works are subject to change and may change due to the impact of the weather or programme changes. HS2 and SSEN will do all we can to keep you updated regarding changes to access and works progress. Further information on local impacts and access arrangements will be distributed by SSEN when works commence.

How may this affect you? We may need to temporarily suspend some parking bays in Copthall Road West and residents may experience some short delays when accessing residential driveways during works hours. This should only be the case when SSEN are working directly in front of a resident’s property. The works will require trenches to be dug along the street. This may mean that a small number of driveways are inaccessible for short periods whilst the team completes the trench-work. SSEN will notify you in advance when they are working in front of your property. The existing cable is in the pavement /footpath and will not necessitate a lane closure. There will be some works in the carriageway to allow lorries to collect excavated material and some noise from these excavations and vehicle movements, but we expect this to be for short periods during the day

Duration of works
Work will be undertaken from: 21 March 2022 – 2 May 2022
Hours of work Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 17.30pm Saturday 8am – 1pm
What to expect Trench excavation and cable laying in roadside verges in Copthall Road West Welfare facilities for workforce
Traffic management and temporary access restrictions while we work outside homes
What we will do
Inform you of any changes to access as soon as possible