Golf course redevelopment

From HS2

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We will start works over the coming months to prepare the Ruislip Golf Course for redevelopment.

Our works will include:

• Setting up security fencing and hoarding
• Archaeology works
• Ecological mitigation works
• U44 footpath diversion
• Ground investigation

During these works, public access points to the Golf course will be clearly marked along the area and notice boards will be installed to help keep the public informed.

We will continue to monitor noise, dust and vibration throughout our works to ensure that we have adequate measures in place to minimise disruption.

June to September 2022 – Setting up security fencing and hoarding
Installing fencing along the area, shown on the map below (which will include strimming locally). Access to the golf course for the public will be maintained as long as possible by leaving access through the existing fencing.

June to 2 September 2022 – Archaeology works
Excavation of trenches, site mobilisation and compound set up with fencing, hard standings, and welfare accommodation.

July 2022 to June 2023 – Ecological mitigation works
Fencing installation, haul road construction, vegetation clearance and dewatering works leading to excavation and planting.

11 July 2022 to 1 March 2023 – Ground Investigation
To understand the existing ground conditions in several areas and gather information on the existing ground’s structural quality, workability, suitability for re-use.

1 August 2022 to 30 June 2023 – U44 footpath
Preparation works to secure and divert a section of the U44 footpath around the works area.

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