Master Brewer: latest

Secretary of State rubber stamps new suburban tower block, weeks after announcing new restrictions on new tall buildings 

On 13 January the Secretary of State gave the green light to the Mayor of London to approve the 11 story 514 home development proposal at the Master Brewer site in Hillingdon.  

This decision to lift the holding direction on the application comes a month after he ordered the Mayor last month to strengthen London planning policy on tall buildings to “ensure such developments are only brought forward in appropriate and clearly defined areas”.  

As the Mayor acknowledged when deciding to grant permission in September, the Master Brewer site is in a low rise suburban area; miles from “appropriate and clearly defined” parts of the borough where tall buildings are permitted, which the Borough clearly set out in the Hillingdon Local Plan adopted last year. 

The decision is enormously disappointing for local community groups, who had invested time and effort in creating a community masterplan to show the sort of development that would be appropriate for the vacant site.  

An association spokesperson said: “after hearing from our local MP that Robert Jenrick has confirmed plans to protect the character of our suburbs against inappropriate overheight developments, we were confident that he would step in. The Secretary of State’s new London tall buildings policy is barely a month old and already it seems meaningless.  We will now speak to our local Council and neighbouring residents’ groups to discuss our options.” 

For further background, please see our Sept 2020 update:

HS2 Christmas break (sort of)

You will be pleased to hear that we have been advised by HS2 that SCS will shut down works in Hillingdon from 3pm on the 24 December until the morning of the 4 January 2021.

The only exception will be a delivery of diesel, and one small pump through at West Ruislip on either 29 or 30 December. These will involve one or two vehicles and a small number of operatives.

Other than that the only staff on site throughout the whole of the period will be the security personnel.

Enjoy the respite!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

You may well have seen this on the village Facebook pages but just in case you haven’t:

The Rotary Club announces

Santa’s coming!
Please donate generously to Santa and his amazing team
Socially-distanced Santa will be bringing his musical sleigh to Ickenham visiting: Gibson Road, Campden Road, Charlbury Road, Enstone Road, Malcolm Road, Woodstock Drive, Halford Road, Swakeleys Drive, Thornhill Road.
Because of COVID-19, we can’t collect door-to-door, but we are raising money for the London Air Ambulance and Coram Life Education (Hillingdon).
You can donate through:
Or text: SANTAHILLING to 70085 to donate £5 (texts cost £5, plus one standard rate message).
The schedule for Ickenham  is from 6:30pm as follows:
* Thursday 10th December – Ickenham
* Gibson Road (but not between Campden & Nettleton), Campden Road, Charlbury Road, Enstone Road, Malcolm Road (but not between Nettleton & Woodstock), Nettleton Road, Woodstock Drive (but not between Swakeleys & Gibson), Halford Road, Swakeleys Drive, Thornhill Road (between Woodstock & Gibson).
* Friday 11th December – Ickenham
* Lawrence Drive (but not between Crosier & St Giles), Crosier Rd, Glebe Ave (but not between Long Lane & Crosier), St. Giles Ave, Austins Lane (between St Giles & Glebe), Sussex Rd (between Glebe & Burnham). Tavistock Rd, Burnham Ave (but not between Glebe & Milverton), Milverton Drive, Edinburgh Drive, The Paddock, Long Lane.
* Monday14th December – Ickenham
* Greenacres Ave (between Derwent & St Georges), St Georges Drive, Copthall Road West (between St Georges & Derwent), Derwent Ave, Wallasey Cres, Hoylake Cres, Woodland Close, Eleanor Grove, Rectory Way, Swakeleys Road (between Rectory Way & Derwent).

Breakspear Road South closures from LBH

Notification from LBH:
I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention that Highways will be undertaking major emergency highway improvement works to Breakspear Road South Between its junction with Breakspear Road and the HS2 site entrance.

The works will involve carriageway resurfacing between Breakspear Road and the HS2 site entrance, clearing the ditch line on both sides of the carriageway, and renewing sections of kerb line.

HS2 is currently working in Breakspear Road South under a two way temporary traffic light control system with scheduled full road closures between now and the 13th December 2020 to construct two new access crossovers and carriageway strengthening.

Given the sheer decline of the carriageway and the fact that HS2 is currently working in Breakspear Road South under a temporary traffic light control system with scheduled closures between now and the 13th December 2020, Highways will take full advantage of this time to undertake these essential highway improvements in a collaborative venture with HS2 to minimise future disruption.

This will mean that Highways will put in place a full closure of Breakspear Road South between its junction with Breakspear Road and Copthall Road West starting on Monday 30th November with an estimated completion date of the 13th December, however this may be sooner providing no unforeseen issues arise.

Access will be maintained for all residents with a clear signed diversion as follows:

Swakeleys Road, High Road Ickenham, Ickenham Road, High Street, Bury Street, Breakspear Road, and vice versa

Electronic VMS signs will be in place from 25th November advising motorists of these essential works.

BRS lane closure 30 November to March

HS2 Notification: Breakspear Road South lane closure from 30 November 2020 to March 2021;

Posted on Nov 13th 2020 by HS2 in Hillingdon

Lane Closures:

We are building a crossing point for our internal haul road across Breakspear Road South to reduce the number of lorries using local roads. This will be located just to the north of the Chiltern Line Bridge and will be controlled by automated traffic signals.

What to expect

The lane closures will be controlled by automatic signals supported by operatives during the busiest parts of the day.

We will be using the current kerb areas to keep the open lanes as wide as is possible whilst the works take place, with the verges hardened to prevent damage.

What we will do

We will ensure that the need for pedestrians to cross the road is included in our light phasing.

Date of lane closure activity

Site Access Activity:

30/11/20-11/12/20 Northbound Lane Closure Construction of bell mouth Junction (west)

12/12/20-19/12/20 Southbound Lane Closure Construction of bell mouth Junction (east)

21/12/20-11/01/21 Christmas Break

25/01/21-06/02/21 Southbound Lane closure Verge hardening, footway modification

Haul Road Activity

06/02/21-20/02/21 Northbound Lane Closure Construction of Haul Road (west)

20/02/21-03/03/21 Southbound Lane Closure Construction of Haul Road (east)

Piling works in Hillingdon from West Ruislip Portal to Harvil Road from 30 November to Spring 2021.

Piling works will begin in late November throughout Spring 2021 to make way for the foundations of:

o the new road bridge at Harvil Road (over the Chiltern Line and the new high speed railway)

o the new rail bridge at Breakspear Road South

o the reconstruction of the footpath bridge over the river Pinn

o the new railway embankment at West Ruislip

Piling description

Piling work is crucial to the stability of the ground and to distribute the weight of a constructed structure evenly. It is an effective approach to combating corrosion and is proven to significantly improve the life expectancy of a structure. Several different types of piles will be installed, such as bored piling and sheet piling.

Bored pilling

Bored piles are a commonly used form of foundation that provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics.

Bored piles require the removal of earth to form a hole for a reinforced concrete pile which is poured in situ. Bored piles are drilled using buckets and driven through rotary boring (twisting in place).

Sheet piling

Sheet piles are commonly used for retaining walls, land reclamation and underground structures. These are sections of sheet metal with interlocking edges that are driven into the ground to provide earth retention and excavation support.

Sheet piles are installed in sequence along the planned excavation perimeter. When arranged together, they form a wall for permanent or temporary earth support, along with anchors to provide extra lateral support.

Construction work

Hours of work

Standard construction hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

Specific work activity may occur outside of these hours, including concrete works and works along the

Chiltern Line during rail possession. When work is due to occur outside of standard hours, we will notify you.

Noise, vibration and dust

To reduce the impacts from piling works, noise generating activities are scheduled after 8am during standard construction hours where possible.

Noise and vibration monitoring will be conducted to ensure works are within project approval limits.

Sheet piles will be pressed into position. In the event that we find hard ground or obstacles, a vibro-hammer will be used for a short period of time to disturb the ground and drive the sheets through the hard areas.

Water carts will be in used to reduce the amount of dust generated by construction activities.

Local roads

There will be some temporary traffic changes to ensure the work zone is safe. Lane closures will be in place and may affect travel times on Harvil Road.

There will be no changes to any of the other roads as you travel through the rest of the area. However, there will be heavy vehicle movements and deliveries of equipment to the work sites prior the beginning of the piling activities.

Large machines, workers and heavy construction machinery will be visible in the area during these works.

Equipment and machinery used will include piling machines, piling rigs, trucks, excavators, cranes, lighting towers, concrete equipment and trucks, light vehicles and hand tools.

for further information (including diagrams and map):

HS2 Works Notification: Breakspear Road South Temporary lane closure, 23 November to 30 November 2020

HS2 is connecting a temporary water supply from the water main in Breakspear Road South that will provide the water supply for construction activities and welfare units at West Ruislip.

Duration of works

These works will take place over seven consecutive days beginning on the 23 November

Work will take place between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturday

What to expect

Temporary traffic management and the southbound lane closure on Breakspear Road South controlled by automated signals and supervised by staff during the busier periods.

What we will do

Ensure no interruption to your water supply.

HS2 – Imminent Traffic Impacts

Fancy a detour?

We are creating two new site entrances and building crossing points for a haul road on the A412 near Denham Water SkiClub on Moorhall Road. This work is in preparation for the creation of a new haul road to support the construction of the Colne Valley Viaduct.

In order to carry out this work we need to put in place a full road closure on the A412 road over two weekends:

  • Closure between 21:00 30th October and 05:00 2nd November
  • Closure between 21:00 6th and 05:00 9th November

What to expect
Signed diversions for traffic on A412 traffic Weekend closures
Some additional traffic on local diversion route
Marshalled access for residents affected by the closure
The diversion route shown above

Over 65s coffee mornings/afternoons

The new Woodlands Club at 75 Long Lane, Ickenham is now open for the over 65s – Coffee Mornings/Afternoons held each Wednesday and Friday. they also offer Memberships on Mon, Tues and Thurs.
for further information please contact

Dawn Puhlhofer

Woodlands Club

Tel: 01895 634830 email

Sheet piling works in West Ruislip from 19 October for three weeks

Sheet piling works in West Ruislip from 19 October for three weeks
Sheet piling works will begin at the West Ruislip site on 19 October. The works are expected to last three weeks.

What we are doing
From the week commencing 19 October we will carry out sheet piling works inside the construction site at West Ruislip. This work will help us to install a temporary tank to be used as stormwater drain to prevent flooding in the work area.
Sheet piles will be installed in sequence along the planned excavation perimeter to provide temporary walls within the ground to support our water tank. A mechanical machine will be used to push steel sheets into the ground.

How this work might affect you
A piling rig, cranes and construction machinery will be visible in the area
during these works.
The project team will take every measure to reduce noise impacts, however
you may notice some construction related noise and vibration.
Sheet piles will be pressed into position. In the event that we find hard
ground or obstacles, a vibro-hammer will be used to disturb the ground and
drive the sheets through the hard areas. Should this method be required, it
will be used for approximately one hour per day.

Duration of works
The activity will take place from w/c 19 October for three weeks.
Hours worked will be Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and 8am to 1pm Saturdays.
We may be on site for an our before the start and/or end of each shift.

What to expect
Delivery and set up of equipment, cranes and piling rigs.
Our piling methods may involve vibrating piles into the ground.

What we will do
Conduct noise and vibration monitoring to ensure works are within project approval limits.
Use water carts to reduce the amount of dust