Welcome to the HS2 ‘home’ page. It contains snippets of information with links if further information is available. News is on the left with the most recent at the top ( ). After a couple of useful links, background material is listed on the right by creation date, with the oldest at the top ( ). In all cases, where deeper information is available, links are provided.

Please bear in mind that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes (typically, between LBH, politicians, HS2 and IRA) to temper HS2’s impact on Ickenham residents. We will report significant events and outcomes here.

We publish reports in the quarterly newsletter. If you can’t wait, you can read pre-publication drafts here.

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19-07-2018 Residents’ feelings about HS2: Survey results

29-09-2017 News Update and Communication Strategy

12-09-2017 Nick Hurd’s HS2 update for September

10-08-2017 More detail on gas main diversions

09-08-2017 Air quality and HS2

09-08-2017 Gas main diversions

18-07-2017 Ad’ to appear in MP/Peers magazine

17-07-2017 Chris Grayling HS2 update speech to MPs

17-07-2017 Subsequent Cheryl Gillan/Grayling exchange

13-06-2017 HS2 Rumours quashed

15-12-2016 House of Lords reporting today

08-12-2016 House of Lords hearings

09-11-2016 House of Lords petitions – overview

08-11-2016 House of Lords petitions – detail

21-10-2016 Ground inspections begin

08-10-2016 What HS2 proposes and what we believe

05-04-2016 HGVs and spoil dumping (no final report yet)

27-04-2016 High level tunnel meeting

27-04-2016 Brian Cable comments on tunnel meeting

14-04-2016 House of Lords HS2 debate (external link)

14-04-2016 Compensation maps and information

22-02-2016 Complaints against HS2



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