Reduction of speed limits in north of LBH

The London Borough of Hillingdon has received numerous complaints and petitions in the past from residents in the north of the borough concerning speeding vehicles and requesting reductions in the speed limits to improve road safety.

Based on evidence from vehicle speed data, traffic collision data and various petitions and complaints received by the Council, it was proposed that the speed limits must be reduced along with other measures such as installing Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) in order to improve road safety on 12 roads in the north of the borough.

Following support from the Ward Councillors and from the Cabinet Member for Public Safety and Transport, London Borough of Hillingdon have received funding for these speed limit reductions to be paid for in full from the HS2 Road Safety Fund.

Some of these roads are on the approved HS2 Lorry Routes (Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South), while the other roads are indirectly affected by HS2 Works in the area, and the impact on the road network this causes.

The reduction of speed limits on these roads will provide a lasting legacy for road safety in the area as a direct consequence of the HS2 funding which the Council has secured.

The changes to the speed limits will be visible on the roads listed below, with new signage, new road markings, and where required, new Vehicle Activated Signs installed. The necessary legal orders are in place, and the works have been programmed for completion by the end of May 2022:

o Breakspear Road North
o Breakspear Road South
o Church Hill
o Ducks Hill Road
o Fine Bush Lane
o Harvil Road
o Moorhall Road
o Newyears Green Lane
o Northwood Road
o Park Lane
o Rickmansworth Road
o Shrubs Road

Here is the official document: